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  1. Del Holland says:

    I am to be in DC the 29th for training and the 30th for action. I left an extra day in my schedule the 31st for unforeseen legal delays. I could help out with whatever that day presuming that I’m not locked up. I will have a car, so if that is helpful, we/I can use it.

    Del Holland

  2. John Clark says:

    I will be participating in the action tomorrow (on the 20th), but then I plan to continue to support the action for several days after that, so I’m happy to volunteer. You should have my contact information from my registration form.

  3. Reynold says:

    My wife and I are scheduled to take part in the action on Aug. 27. We will not leave DC until Sept. 1. So we would certainly like to help out for a day or two between our action and our departure. But we’re not yet sure which day(s). We’d like to make that decision when we get there. If there are going to be days which are slightly cooler than average we’d like to use them for sightseeing. My wife has never been to DC.

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