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Tim DeChristopher was just sentenced to 2 years in prison for disrupting an illegal auction of oil leases in Salt Lake City. His sentence was meant to intimidate the climate movement – to make us sit down and shut up.

We’re not going to do that.

Tim is appealing his sentence and needs about $50,000 for legal fees. That’s a lot for a young activist to take on, so folks are pitching in to make sure Tim can handle his legal costs. Click here to donate:

PS: If you can’t make a donation but would like to support Tim’s fight with further action against the fossil fuel industries, you can sign up to join the tar sands action in Washington D.C. here:

  1. wishfortruth says:

    damn i deleted my paypal account after all the wikileaks stuff -.-‘ is there anyother way we can help?

  2. Cbb Ballard says:

    Tim needs this support. I’m in and have been all along.

  3. Brett says:

    you should add that other-than-paypal option to your copy in the main area (imho)


    • d3b0rah says:

      Brett – I agree!

      tarsandsaction, will you consider doing that? I hate to say it but a lot of people don’t want to have an account with Paypal in order to donate. I just donated without going through the account log-in. Thanks.

  4. outsider says:

    any mail address for checks?

  5. Stevejonessy says:

    I agree with these guys. paypal is not going to float in the activist community anymore i think

  6. Linda S. says:

    For anyone who objects to using PayPal: I clicked on it any way, and you can use a credit card instead.

  7. Suya Wang says:

    Sorry already donated $50 to international humanities center, that
    is defferenct with this one?. Hope make same donation for Tim, do not
    make people confuse.

  8. Suya Wang says:

    I donated $50 for your action, pursue justice. Please do hard! Till now I donated $110 for 3 organations.

    • Suya Wang says:

      I correct over massage, actrully I donated $160 for 3 organations. $50,$50 and $60
      Hope others are also to donate to help Tim DeChristopher and Pursue justice.

  9. Mark says:

    Go to for an address to mail a check, or a direct link for using a credit card.

  10. Brian J.P. says:

    Actually Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and a couple others. Right?

  11. Donated. Tim DeChristopher is not a criminal, he’s a hero.

  12. Ellen Lenox says:

    Hey, everyone! PLEASE READ ALL THE INFO HERE AND TAKE ACTION!!! It`s our future, your future and the future of the next generations… provided we do something about what’s going on… Let`s DO something about it, shall we?!

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