Organizing for America Office Visits

“Let’s be the generation that finally frees America from the tyranny of oil” – Barack Obama

This is a critical time for both the President and the planet.

In 2008 Barack Obama raised the bar for America, showing leadership in demanding solutions for the climate crisis and condemning the stranglehold oil money puts on American politics.

Since then the President has fallen short of the high expectations he set – expectations that led many of us to volunteer for his election, donate our time and money, and even take leadership roles in the campaign.

President Obama needs to hear from the people who worked hard for him in 2008 so that he knows we still expect him to live up to the dreams he described. Our goal is not to un-elect the President. Our goal is to find someone who will be a climate leader  – someone who looks a lot like Barack Obama in 2008.

Inspired by spontaneous events that have already started popping up around the country (video here), we’re encouraging folks to visit local Organizing for America and Obama 2012 campaign offices to send a message to the President that we expect him to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, and start living up to the promises he made.

The plan is simple: find a local office in your community, gather with friends and allies, and make visit to be heard. It’s up to you to decide what you do when you’re there – read some of the great speeches Obama gave in 2008? Deliver a letter signed by everyone in your community against the pipeline? Sing? – but the message should be clear: it’s far past time for the President to be a leader on this issue.

To find an office Click here:

And then replace “NE” in “NEoffices” with your state’s postal code – i.e. “NEoffices” for Nebraska, “TXoffices” for Texas, “ILoffices” for Illinois, etc.

Don’t be afraid to assert yourself. Don’t leave until you’re sure your point is made. Always maintain the composure and seriousness that distinguished the Tar Sands Action in DC, but don’t shy from expressing dismay and anger about the future of our planet.

Feeling ready? Sign up below to lead an office visit. We’ll be in touch soon to talk about how to get started and to connect you with other folks in your community who are down to help.



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