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Click here to pledge action against Keystone XL or any other tar sands pipeline when or if it is ever approved!

We need to tell the story of this movement by meeting with folks in our communities to talk about the Tar Sands Action. Your story is the most powerful tool you have to keep building the movement to stop Keystone XL. To find or host a meet up, sign up here: www.tarsandsaction.org/meet-up

Second, all around the country, people will be going to Obama campaign offices in polite but firm fashion to remind him that we took him seriously. We’ll be trying to coordinate this work from city to city—if you’re willing to help in your town, sign up here: http://www.tarsandsaction.org/office-visits/

  1. James Conroy says:

    Mr President-THIS is progress? Lets put a stop to the pipeline NOW!

  2. James Conroy says:

    Mr President-THIS is progress? Lets put a stop to the pipeline NOW!

  3. Josnhurdle says:

    This $14billion commitment to dirty energy illiustrates the reason who other countries are paasing the U.S. While other nations invest in clean energy, public transit, manufacturing and education, we commit to more dirty fossil fuel.

  4. Katherine says:

    One more reason to end our dependency on oil-a poision that will destroy the planet and humans along with it. Stop this pipeline and place value on a clean and safe planet. A spill along this pipeline would destroy drinking water for the midwestern us. Tell big oil and the Koch brothers and the tea party NO! Enough!!! K. Henning

  5. Chatterj says:

    President Obama, we are counting on you–say no to the Keystone project.

  6. Rosentrekker says:

    The Keystone XL pipeline would have negative consequences for our environment, our health, and our urgent need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

    Instead of building this pipeline, we should get serious about energy conservation which would create jobs immediately and reduce our need to consume fossil fuels in short order. I am talking about retrofitting homes and offices with better insulation, replacing outdated and inefficient electric motors and air conditioners, build computers, and TVs that don’t constantly drain energy, etc.

    We could also build bike and pedestrian lanes that encourage running errands without the use of the car. This would make for a healthier and therefore more productive work force and, not so incidentally, greatly lower medical costs that currently cover treatment for diabetes and heart problems.

    Building the pipeline will only further commit us to the sedentary life style that is driving up health care costs so enormously.

  7. Laurie~ says:


  8. David Hawking says:


    1. Pipe for Keystone was made in India by Welspun whose Gujarat plant also sells pipe to Iran’s National Gas Authority. Keystone pipe ( 50% ) was purchased from supplier who also supplies the Iranian Revolutionary guards : http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/16/business/economy/16pipe.html?scp=1&sq=illinois%20welspun&st=cse

    Last time I checked, it is against Dept of Commerce and Treasury to directly or indirectly do business with Iran, including purchasing from entities who sell to Iran.

    If you google “welspun bags order iran” you will find several orders to Iran boosted in Indian newspapers over many years !

    2. The pipe is too thin : http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/16/business/economy/16pipe.html?scp=1&sq=illinois%20welspun&st=cse

    “In a letter filed with the Transportation Department last week, the union joined the Sierra Club in challenging, on environmental grounds, TransCanada’s request for a
    permit – one argument being that the walls of the pipe would be too thin. ”

    3. Pipe is also made of faulty input steel : http://plainsjustice.org/files/SubstandardSteelReport.pdf

    Welspun is also located in Little Rock Arkansas, so I am wondering which political dynasty family gave any help ?

  9. Kim Hunter says:

    The wanton corruption, conflict of interest and underhanded tactics and disregard for human life of this project are like nothing I’ve ever witnessed. The latest being Obama hired another ex-oil lobbyist as a key adviser?? Ethical Oil and Keystone Lawyers share the same mailing address?? The company hired to submit the impact review to the State was a “major client” of Keystone??

    Ug! I’ve posted all the gory details to my blog: http://kim-hunter.blogspot.com/

  10. Nicolas Mory says:

    We need to mibilize. The idea of furthering the development of such an anti progressive operation such as the tarsands shouldn’t even exist. Come one people we’ve moved beyond this as the human collective has shown on many occasions. Let us not regress it is a matter of altruistic survival and codependency. Bitumen of all petrol sources and this sexy new pipeline along with kitimak are only to leak every 7 years or so, knowing this I’m not concerned thank you suncor for being so honest and thoughtful.

  11. Loucfuller says:

    I think America is at an energy crossroads. So I created a petition asking the Obama Administration to: Promote America’s transition to renewable sources of energy. If this petition gets at least 25,000 signatures by November 21, 2011, the White House will review it and respond. I am hoping it gets much more than that.

    It takes about 3 minutes to read and sign this petition. Go to this website: http://wh.gov/TbV

    If you support the idea, please join me in advocating for cleaner sources of energy. Tell your friends, family and colleagues to join us in support of renewable energy for America. Together we can move mountains and harness the sun’s energy too!

  12. Alex Young says:

    Why are you guys hating on tar sands?

  13. Some Person says:

    Why are you hating on tar sands?

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