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  1. Michel Gadoury says:

    From a big pipeline project, it will be fragmented states by states as they are doing in Canada.

  2. Jeannesz49 says:

    Hi from Pittsburgh

  3. Gerri says:

    Gerri Wiley from Owego, NY….fighting fracking!

  4. LarryEdwards says:

    Can the chat thunking (for each new chat post) be turned off?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey! This is Doug350 just got on my train. Listening to Bill. ComeTogether and do http://bit.lySomethingDaily to abandon tarsands oil, gas fracking and offshore drilling Thank you Bill ;-D

  6. Webster Nacstop says:

    Representing Texans Against Tar Sands and Nacogdoches County Stop groups.

    1. Nationally we need to live up to the name of Tar Sands Action by continuing to focus on stopping tar sands extraction in North America, and any pipelines that are used, or planned, for its transport. Stopping both TransCanada’s Keystone XL and any other pipelines, such as Enbridge & Enterprise’s Seaway, through which tar sands are to be transported, needs to be our priority.

    2. Nationally we need to stop Congressional members from disserving the 99% with their attempts to tie Keystone XL approval to jobless insurance extension and payroll tax deduction renewal by the use of flash-mob style phone calls. Choose a date and time, and we’ll shut down their phone system.

    3. Nationally we need to rejuvenate and reinforce Forest Ethics’ call for boycotts of, and petitions to, businesses that don’t look for ways to reduce their product’s transportation carbon footprint and to tell their fuel suppliers to find non-tar-sands sources of fuel. Patronize those businesses that do.

    4. Nationally we need to recognize that ANY tar sands pipeline that carries tar sands oil to the Texas gulf coast adversely impacts Texas in at least two ways:
    (1.) they have to cross the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer in Texas. This aquifer supplies drinking water to 12 million citizens and 60 counties in Texas. Numerous rivers and lakes are threatened by these same pipelines.
    (2.) they compound environmental injustice by increasing pollution at the communities that live in the shadow of the refineries that would handle tar sands crude. Pollution from Tar Sands refining at our refineries is analogous to the Canadian First Nations health issues.

    5. Nationally we need to develop a documentary of the real lives of the people adversely affected by tar sands pipelines. From North Dakota to the Texas Gulf Coast, from the Kalamazoo River in Michigan to the Yellowstone River in Montana, and the Platt River in Colorado, from refineries in Indiana to storage tanks in Oklahoma, real people have real stories to tell. We need a video documentary of their stories that shows the tar sands for the real damage they do.

  7. Cschorr says:

    Re: tying together the messaging on varied projects: In talking about the Keystone XL pipeline, let’s lay the groundwork for all the other KXL-type projects that we’ll be opposing in the coming months/years, by educating people about the fact that, ‘the years of easy oil are over,’ that we’re now at the point of deciding whether to extract every last drop, no matter the cost – or – choosing to convert to a clean energy economy. – Celia, Seattle

  8. Salish Sea says:

    has any one recommended The Tar Sands Stop Here…video of awesome mtg Vancouver, Canada Dec 1–powerful–

  9. James P Louviere says:

    It’s crazy how we walk like zombies, unaware of the craziness of a species bent on rendering itself and 80 percent of all other species of plants and animals extinct in the next 89 years. I listen to the motor vehicles roaring along in Austin, see the jet planes landing, look at the lights burning day and nigh indoor and out in my subsidized housing complex, and think, if I told someone he should not use so much heat to cook, make tea, and wam his bath, his dishwasher, or his apartment, he’d take offense, surely, saying “I have a perfect right to turn on the gas or the lights. Screw you!” He also would find zero fault with people driving powerful cars for hours making one left turn after another, participating in the wildly popular NASCAR “sport.” And I’m from LSU, and how would people treat me if I insisted we could save electricity by outlawing night games under the lights?
    In The Carbon War, I read where a fellow from Saudi insisted that he did not see CO2, so he did not believe in it. Boy, what would people do if there were some kind of dye in gasoline even for one day that made a purple or red haze come out of the exhaust pipes of ever gasoline powered device. It would be a hazard, but it might awaken maybe 12% of the people, though it would enrage and activate the anti-planet folks and it would be really counterproductive. But maybe if we just had the poice, or the ambulance people, or the people driving motor cycles producing the hazy stuff, maybe that night make believers of some folks.
    At the rate that we are progressing in our difficult work, I doubt that in the rest of my days I’ll see the increases in emissions stopped,, and I doubt I’ll ever see a real reduction in the emissions from fossil fuel enussuibs,. But there the methane releases from seabeds and tundra to consider. I’ll keep trying, but I have little hope.

  10. Jeff says: – nukes needed.
    “If we also burn the tar sands and tar shale, I believe the Venus syndrome is a dead certainty.”
    “‘“[Decarbonization] is a campaign not for abundance but for austerity.'”…”linkages between the movement to fight climate change and the ‘Occupy’ movement may be counterproductive in the long run.”
    “the ‘merchants of doubt’ … play a role, to be sure, a sordid one, but they are not the main obstacle to solution of human-made climate change.
    The bigger problem is that people who accept the reality of climate change are not proposing actions that would work.”

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