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Here are other resources to learn more about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project:

Canada and Its Tar Sands: What the Country Can Learn From Brazil About Protecting the Environment

Friends of the Earth factsheet

Solve Climate article on recent spills and approval process

Natural Resources Defense Council factsheet on Keystone XL

U.S. Climate Protests Shift to Blocking Keystone XL Pipeline Approval

  1. DJ says:

    We need to have a downloadable 8-1/2″ x 11″ poster – with just enough information, including a reference to the website – which can be tacked up on bulletin boards in grocery stores, post offices, churches, etc.

    • Richard Adam Hendricks says:

      All it takes is your I-phone, a desktop computer and even a set of high-tech gadgets to get the message out, so get all your friends and neighbors so you can finally get this message out. That way we will have this big oil connection licht.

  2. W. Aaron Waychoff says:

    I would like to standardize on a Twitter hashtag for related posts. #tarsands or #tarsandsaction would work. Any thoughts?

  3. David says:

    Planning flight schedule. When/where/how long is training?

  4. Kate Stoune says:

    Why don’t people know more about this? I think that HuffPo will be getting some great article ideas on this one! Going there now.

    • Richard Adam Hendricks says:

      Here is a better way, pass your protests over to the best and brightest democratic organizations and environmental organizations alike, then you can pass the same protests on to The United Nations and those powerful government organizations like The European Union, The Commonwealth Of Nations, The French Commonwealth (that’s because Canada and Quebec are proud members of the French Commonwealth), The African Union and even to The Hague. So make sure you check on your computer for the real stories surrounding this big oil connection and the human rights abuses it ocurres, then you can write a comprehensive story so you can have then sent out to those powerful organizations in world government and the environment.

    • Anonymous says:

      They don’t want us to know. I am Canadian, and ashamed. I am also ashamed that I didn’t have all the knowledge. I just stumbled on this action. Where the hell are the Canadians on this?

  5. Kazemi says:

    I am Canadian and would like to be involved both to stop the pipeline and the tar sands in general. What can my firends and I do?? Barb

    • Richard Adam Hendricks says:

      Well Kazemi, we worldwide web reads you loud and clear. You are one of the ever-growing legion of Canadians who are strongly expressing your staunched opposition to this tar sands racket. What you also do is take this matter over
      to The Commonwealth Of Nations, The French Commonwealth, The Hague, a slew of human rights organizations and even The United Nations, so you can
      tell your side of the story on this hellish decision from big oil. When you do, make sure you include your friends, families, the neighbours and even your relatives in spreading the word out on a powerful international scale.

  6. BAL says:

    I am willing to load any articles, videos and be on board online at a distance in NY for your action. I am 100% in support of it. Love to post anything about the spiritual leaders meeting as well. Barbara Ann Levy/http://wpbartcritic.blogspot.com/

    • Barbara Ford says:

      Hi Barbara. I don’t know what you’ve heard about the spiritual leadership organizing, but I’ve been informed that the 29th is the designated interfaith day of action, and that many leaders will be there risking arrest and/or supporting the effort, including possibly James Hansen, who received an interfaith Earth stewardship award in 2010. As the former board president of the national Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, I will be there with other UUs risking arrest. I believe there will be an article out on the 15th in the UU World online newspaper about the event and the faith community response. Barbara Ford

  7. Anonymous says:

    Something’s got to give. We are truly lost if we can’t control our government. If only the rich and devious have final say, then we are lost.

    • Richard Adam Hendricks says:

      Here is another better way to straighten this situation out for good. Even though this political- corporate ignorance is a serious threat to our democracy and our liberties, you can write a set of email letters to some important human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, because it will get your message out. If you do, you may want to check on the number of human rights abuses that comes from this big oil connection so you can write them down and then bring this human rights record along with your protest to have them sent out to those proud human rights organizations. Just choose only the best and brightest human rights organizations.

  8. GregK says:

    Is it ok to use the language from the latest Press Release in local letters to the editor?

    • Anonymous says:

      Go for it!

      • GregK says:

        Here’s what I came up with (word count 288). Feel free to use this as you see fit.

        At the end of this month, I will be taking a trip down to Washington, DC to participate, along with probably at least 1,000 others, in a civil disobedience action to protest the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. If built, the pipeline would carry oil from the tar sands of Alberta down to the Gulf of Mexico. This is a project with massive site specific environmental impacts (due to pipeline oil spills and the destructive, energy-intensive extraction process itself) but, more than that, it is a climate nightmare.

        NASA climatologist Jim Hansen has said that if we have any chance of getting back to a stable climate “the principal requirement is that coal emissions must be phased out by 2030 and unconventional fossil fuels, such as tar sands, must be left in the ground.” In other words, “if the tar sands are thrown into the mix it is essentially game over for the climate.” The ultimate decision to grant or deny approval for the project lies with President Obama. As Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org and a leading environmental writer, said, “This is a stark choice for the administration to make. They can go with the fossil fuel industry or they can go with the scientists who’ve told us it’s ‘game over’ for the climate if these tar sands get developed.”

        Hansen and McKibben were among those who put out the initial call to action, and they have now been joined by the executive directors of twenty-eight leading environmental groups. I’ll be going down to take part in this action, and I am hoping to see some other Mainers there as well. For those interested in learning more about the action or signing up, the website is tarsandsaction.org.

        • jerusha says:

          grateful for the post, as I try to draft a letter to local paper…last week they published my letter which mentioned tar sands in connection with Tim DeChrisopher and Henry Thoreau– especially significant here because he walked through our town and wrote about it–Here’s my first letter (sent a version to USA today and Boston Globe — well at least the Provincetown Banner published it!

          Henry Lives

          July 23 was the anniversary of H. D. Thoreauʼs arrest for war tax resistance. Henryʼs night in jail didnʼt change the course of the Mexican-American war, but it changed him, inspiring a belief in civil disobedience that spans centuries and continents. Thoreau’s essay influenced India’s nonviolent resistance to British rule, which in turn helped ignite our civil rights movements, Europe’s “velvet revolutions” and this year’s Arab Spring.

          165 years + 3 days after Thoreauʼs night in jail, Tim DeChristopher was convicted for obstructing the auction of Utah wilderness to fossil fuel “developers.” DeChristopher’s group Peaceful Uprising also challenges the Tar Sands pipeline, which threatens intensified climate change.

          DeChristopher sentence? Two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Tar Sands Action sympathizers plan a sit-in from August 20 to September 3, in front of the White House (where the buck stops in the pipeline decision). DeChristopher’s fans on the Cape and around the world also support Moving Planet, the September 24 global call for moving beyond fossil fuel.

          Will the climate justice struggle become the next non-violent battleground?

          Like Thoreau, DeChristopher is a man of words and actions. He addressed the court:

          “This is what hope looks like…this is what patriotism looks like…this is what love looks like”

    • Rh_ii2003 says:

      Yes it is! What you can do right now is notify various newspaper firms outside North America, which would include The Times Of London, La Monde, Xhuana- China’s news agency, the acclaimed German news magazine Der Spiegle and
      Pravda, among others. You can even pass the message over to BBC News’ Have Your Say Department. Just go to your computer and check out those highly respected world class international newspaper firms from Canada to the Far East, so you can get your message out. Oh yes, I like to give you a brief essay on the tar sands racket up in Canada: few Canadian-Indians are suffering from higher cancer rates and have seen their sacred lands torn to pieces, you can see how dirty the rivers and streams are from outer space, and prostitition is rampant in Fort McMurray.

  9. Lynn Rosen says:

    We must stop every pipeline and show that we care
    Shame on us if we are not there

    • Richard Adam Hendricks says:

      What you can do right now is spread the message over to those powerful government organizations like The European Union, The Commonwealth Of Nations, The Arab League, The African Union and even The United Nations. If you do, you have to give them a complete and 100% accurate report about the dark side of the tar sands racket, so I am going to give you a set of essays on the real events surrounding this big oil connection. When it first originated in Fort McMurray, Alberta- CA, it would not only pose a serious threat to both the environment and civilization, but a few Native-Canadian reservations have paid a terrible price for it where they are suffering from higher cancer rates than the general Canadian population and seen their sacred lands torn to pieces by the tar sands devolopment. The rivers and stream there are so dirty you can see them from Outer Space, and they have translated Fort McMurray from a family-oriented town to an erotic spitoon where prostitution is rampant with whorehouses, escort services with ties with the sex trade and big oil and dashed civil rights. Canada’s current prime minister Stephen Harper is also a dictator, but he is not as dangerous like Saddam Huessin, he is kind of like Ferdinand Marcos and Robert Mugabe. He has even dissolved Canada’s House Of Commons twice in the past decade, he manipulates Canadian politics in an effort to keep himself in power as long as he pleasies, and he briefly even openly behaves like a dictator. Richard Nixon and Margaret Thatcher were paranoid. Stephen Harper is a civilian dictator who rules with manipulation and abuse of power just to get his way in a democratic and legal matter. He has done several good things, but mostly he poses a bad influence and a threat to Canadian democracy. Plus, you may want to take the same message out to those highly respected human rights organizations.

  10. Anonymous says:

    please add a facebook link to the “spread the word” page!

  11. cc says:

    Do anything! Posters, pamphlets, videos – drop them off, post it up! It is all part of the Plan http://www.whatis-theplan.org

  12. Why do you say Obama alone has the power to make this decision? There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution of the United States that gives the President the power to do this alone, absolutely nothing. All treaties must be approved by 2/3rds of Senators present in the senate. The President alone has no constitutional power to create any laws. He however has the power to enforce the constitutional laws the Congress creates.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Debbie- the permit for the pipeline isn’t a treaty. It’s a process for authorizing certain kinds of transportation of oil across the border. That falls well within the President’s authority.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Debbie- the permit for the pipeline isn’t a treaty. It’s a process for authorizing certain kinds of transportation of oil across the border. That falls well within the President’s authority.

  13. Louisette Lanteigne says:

    I understand the Government has budget issues and is facing pressures from multinationals but the fact is, ,the path of lease resistance is wishful thinking that industry can be responsible for it’s own data. Over the years the government has shifted the cost of data collection onto the private sector but once he private sector has the data it doesn’t want to open itself to the risk of making it pubic or entering public processes. We are now witnessing the underpricing of risk and the socialization of losses with costs being transferred to taxpayers while at the same time, enforcement is being reduced.

    The Alberta Tar Sands health risks are identified at $820 million for health care but this woefully underestimated. Not all the risks are ending up on the balance sheet. There is no strong monitoring of the tar sands being done by federal and provincial agencies and there is a a lack of transparency with the data. We don’t even have a reasonable benchmark on issues as basic as water quality to work with. Environment Canada used to handle that benchmark data but now it’s all locked in the labs of private industries.

    Transparency from industry is needed to disclose data so we can plan appropriately and provide our citizens and communities with access to data to reasonably participate in the associated public processes. The fact is currently industry is not bound to release the data and they are profiting from it. They can craft destruction for profit scenarios and exploit the weaknesses of the system for private gain. It happens all the time. Poor test times and testing methods show too shallow bore hole data and lack of regard to sediment types. They ignore spring thaw water levels and rely on Modflow computer programs to assess risks, assuming that all aquifers are contained when they are not. Not enough actual geological facts, just computer models to predict risks. Data is chosen strategically to downplay actual risks and scientifically anticipated climate change scenarios are rarely considered. We need to mandate proper test times and methods but it is difficult when the department with this jurisdiction is both the promoter and regulator of oil and mineral resources. The US is having the same issues we see here in Canada with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Hydrologists who design flawed projects stand to make big profits when problems do arise. They get the contract jobs to fix the wells and build the pipelines to replace water supplies etc.

    The U.S. government’s estimate of the social cost of carbon is flawed. Gov’t gives $21 per ton estimate currently which conflicts strongly with a new report that shows the “true” carbon costs are as high as $893 per ton in 2010 and $1,550 in 2050. To view the peer reviewed report as produced by Economics for Equity and Environment titled Climate Risks and Carbon Prices: Revising the Social Cost of Carbon visit here:


    Transparency can be supported by the following concept: If we can agree that water and air are common resources, the information on it should be too. Also remember, we monitor for proof, not to catch the “villian” but to achieve goals responsibly.

    • Sogirl says:

      From wikipedia link and the Book “IBM and the Holocaust by –Food for thought on how corporations think ($) and how many ‘jobs’ were created with the ‘development’ of this project. There is a time when the job argument seems extremely lame and unethical and this pipeline project is obviously one of those times….

      –On April 12, 1933, the German government announced the plans to immediately conduct a long-delayed national census.[15] The project was particularly important to the Nazis as a mechanism for the identification of Jews, Gypsies, and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the regime. Dehomag offered to actively assist the German government in its task of ethnic identification, concentrating first upon the 41 million residents of Prussia.[16]

      This activity was not only countenanced by Thomas Watson and IBM in America, Black argues, but was actively encouraged and financially supported, with Watson himself traveling to Germany in October 1933 and the company ramping up its investment in its German subsidiary from 400,000 to 7,000,000 reichsmarks — about $1 million.[17] This injection of American capital allowed Dehomag to purchase land in Berlin and to construct IBM’s first factory in Germany, Black charges, thereby “tooling up for what it correctly saw as a massive financial relationship with the Hitler regime.

  14. No more time to sit on the fence! Show your support for stopping this disgusting rape of our planet!

  15. I am not going to be able to come due to health problems

  16. Janet says:

    I have been a loyal, enthusisatic supporter of President Obama. I contributed a substantial sum to his 08 campaign and already have contributed to his 2012 campaign. I now will reconsider that support if Obama chooses to approve this pipeline. He needs to stand up for what is right. He needs to stand up against special interests. He needs to make good on his initial support to fight global warming. He needs to do it for his children and all of the children!

  17. Richard Clemens (Rocket) says:

    oh i hope i can make it. i get back from paris on the 28th of august and in vancouver area. any rides heading east? one love’

  18. Lisabrabo says:

    We need to flood the white house web site and phone lines with our demands that the president not go through with this plan. The public brought down the web site and phones lines about the budget now lets do it about the protection of our Earth!

  19. Zandevakel says:

    Let’s all work to gather to unseat Harper (Mr. tarsands) in the next election.

  20. Rita Varley says:

    We need to support our President to have the courage to make the right choice. It will be very hard because opposition will scream that it will provide jobs. But some things, like the planet for instance, should matter more than the economy, and the truth is that saving the planet is good for the economy. There are millions of great job opportunities involved in making the right choice. They just aren’t jobs on the pipe line.

    • pipelinegypsy798 says:

      I would like to know what you mean by there not being jobs on the pipeline. The job that we are on has hundreds of people and thats a pretty small job. With many going on around the US there are a lot of jobs on the pipeline! The last two years of working on the original Keystone has created a large number of jobs, I know because I have been right in the middle of it!

  21. Erica F says:

    Can you add a logo we could paste and link from our blogs and other websites?

  22. Romeo04938 says:

    David Koch and his brother are nothing but two, of many, greedy self centered despotic businessmen who bribe colleges and certainly our elected officials via lobbyists, et al, in order to dupe the American People into believing their rhetoric by having institutions of higher learning teach students to practice their corrupt practices utilizing propaganda tactics. My question is this- How much money and power does one need in order to feel comfortable in this life and be able to live with one’s conscience, that is- if they even have a conscience? Boycott the greedy Koch Brothers and their counterparts and save America from these despotic-like tyrants.

  23. Lela says:

    What the tar sands have done locally, to health and environmental degradation?
    Read the following, so that the people living close to the infamous pipe in the States that it goes through, will know what to expect.


    Lela Gary
    Air Pollution Coalition



  25. Between the influence of the monolithic political parties and moneyed special interest groups, the wishes of the voter receive short shrift from their representatives today. But what can be done? Our political system resembles a game of street basketball with no referee with each team trying to steal the ball and score only at their own goal with little regard for the rules of the game and no regard for their opponent. Just like in the street basketball game, many Americans have picked a team and are only interested in changes that help their team to “win”. It’s hard for all of us to envision a change that truly levels the playing field and allows for political decisions based on the strength of the popular support for their policy ideas alone. If you can discard the blinders you are left with the fact that in a democracy the best, most enduring policy ideas must by necessity, come from the popular support of the voters. Groups and organizations of any kind that aggregate economic power and use it to buy influence in the political process distort democracy in ways that can no longer be tolerated by the American voter. Politicians and policy that attract popular support based on the strength of their ideas form the relay team that has in the past and will the future move the American common good and prosperity forward. If you belong to a group that feels their position and policy prescriptions are so weak that you must buy the political process to ensure your preeminence, then beware the trash bin of history. . If you are tired of being treated like a “sheeple” and want your representative to be for “We the People” not their party or the biggest donors. Take Action. Support the Renew Democracy Amendment. http://www.renewdemocracy.org

  26. 185 says:

    how are you idiots going to get to DC….I hope you’re walking…….

  27. Fisher A says:

    Excellent position — not only for a cleaner environment and less climate change — but also to save much needed funds for much more productive purposes such as improved education.

  28. Drfnsuperstar says:

    I am from Alberta and work in the oil and gas industry as an Environmental Health and Safety Advisor. I am probably going to receive death threats for that alone, however, I do support your case. Why would we ship (by pipeline) down to Texas for refining, and then from there ship it all over the world (including back to Canada)?

    If we had the refineries capable of the task, or build new ones (which would employ workers from the United States because we do not have enough workers here) we could refine the material here then ship the product, through a safer means a transportation, transporting a less dangerous product, to the States and areas that need it.

    But for now Canada is going to do whatever the States says because we depend on your business. Your business which forces the Tar Sands to their maximum limits and makes our economy thrive (currently) or crash (2008). We do not have a big population in Canada, we don’t need that much oil…you do.

    Out of necessity comes innovation however and because of the Tar Sands, the world has new Water Recycling Technologies, and Strict HSE regulations.

    PS the Tar has been on the surface and leaking into the soil for millions of years, Native Americans have used it for numerous applications. We are not Destroying their homes (as Mark Ruffalo put it) it is giving them jobs…we do not all live in tepees and huts.

    • Just_facts says:

      ” We are not Destroying their homes ” ….really dude tell that to the people in Mi. where 800,000 gals of this crap leaked over a year ago……and if you really think your NOT destroying their homes / earth then ….maybe it’s just their health …your tactics suck – blame the victim … heaven help us all from people who think like u !

      • Drfnsuperstar says:

        Sorry for the confusion I did not by any means try to discredit this movement, i support it wholeheartedly. I simply wanted to state an opinion from a pro-environmentalist who works and lives by the Tar Sands.

        I was not referring to the incidents which happened with pipelines travelling throughout the United States and Canada (yes we have pipeline spills up here as well). Majority of them are due to mismanagement of old pipelines, which are not being tracked correctly and not having the appropriate preventative maintenance done on them. I was referring to the statement (not a direct quote from Mark Ruffalo) “the Tar Sands are destroying thousands of Native Americans houses living around the Tar Sands area.”

        Again I would like to apologize if i offended with my earlier comment. I support the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, I do not however support the bashing of the Tar Sands by people whose views are screwed by media and are not justified with facts or research.

        • Thank you for your support and explanation. I am glad there are people working in environmental health and safety, your work is valuable to me, and to many local people, I am sure.

          After spending a week with hundreds of people in the MarchOnBlairMountain.org, I learned there are as many different rational viewpoints as there are people. I am glad there are a diversity of reasonable people also working against this huge expansion of the tar sands projects.

          Drfnsuperstar, please send me a private message, I would like to continue to learn more.

          • Anonymous says:

            Drfnsuperstar , to me, is saying that he doesn’t want the pipline going to the U.S. and doesn’t want the U.S. refining Alberta blue because Canada would loose vast amouonts of money. Not because it is enviromentally unsafe. He has used his choice of words in a very very twisted way. Blaming U.S. for our dirty deed. So they tar sands have been there forever, in a natural enviromentally contained way. Not spewing into the air and water and ground. Not being carted everywhere in unsafe manners. I hope you didn’t fall for his well desined speech, meant for keeping his job and speaking out at the same time.. It feels like you were being diplomatic to keep the peace. EARTH IS IN SO MUCH TROUBLE.

          • Barcrs says:

            Keep CONGRESS INFORMED… tell them we
            don’t want this massive shipping coming through
            America when there are safer, cleaner forms of
            energy out there!!!! (And NOT cost prohibitive!)

    • Guest says:

      Thank you. You make points that should not be missed and dismissed.

      They reveal some of the dilemma. I just viewed a YT post “Fort McMurray You Don’t See”. It’s clearly an appeal for viewers to recognize ‘positive’ benefits of oil sands development – and the truth is – there are ‘positives’ of an important kind! Employment a big one! We must be honest of our deep entanglement with earth-trashing industries. We *do* benefit – ordinary people, moms, dads, kids, grandparents from large-scale industrial activities that allow many to earn good livings. But that’s the essence of the dilemma! We *must* find a way to dis-entangle!

      Natural seeping up of the tar for millions of years is not the same as the whole process of industrial scale effort – including needing to manufacture huge machines and transport the lot to work sites … all of that background activity also is part of our earth-destroying activity!

      So what do we do! How to begin disentanglement and move along swiftly!

      Your proposal of refineries ‘on site’ that would eliminate pipeline transportation might be a helpful ‘solution’. We’d reject adding a greater disaster (pipeline) to the mess we’ve already got underway.

      But that can only be a ‘stop gap’ measure. We must disentangle. We must dismantle economic approaches and systems that mean the only employment is ultimately destructive to life. We must begin to practice “out of sight but not out of mind” awareness of what’s going on with this earth.

      (I don’t even bother with ‘human caused climate change’ issues – to me the earth is sufficiently trashed by general human treatment in any case. I’ve had a life-long relationship with land, plants, animals – domestic and wild – and cannot ‘dismiss’ the ‘inter-connectedness’ of all life. For me, the pipeline is a huge issue – even if ‘climate change’ were not a concern; and climate change is for me a concern, whether or not humans are largely responsible!)

      Those who’ve ‘bristled in anger’ at your remarks are missing the point. We need to recognize the implications (value of good employment, etc.)

    • seeker says:

      Thanks for your honesty, and sharing your experience, Drf – I appreciate your point of view, and glad you are brave enough to share it.

    • Idorun2003 says:

      The Tar Sands in a nightmare in the making for Canada; This project is the biggest polluter in North America. The Canada government only cares about the money aspect . They have sold half of Canada already to other countries. Canadians have no say in what this HARPER government does. It is about the money and all those big corporations that are involved in the TAR SANDS , have hugh tax breaks . YOU and I the working Canadian pay these OIL barones taxes at the pump. The most unregulated money making product in the world is OIL .We pay through the nose ; the car compaines are in with these OIL companies ; The gasoline engine will never chnage to a nu gas engine . Why would they stop making gasline engines ? Then no one would need OIL. What do you think LIBYA was all about. OIL..

  29. This is what I sent to everyone in my address book along with a letter/petition from NRDC and a link to this website:

    If you do nothing for the environment all year, or ever again, do this! It is the single most important environmental action we will ever take! This pipeline has absolutely nothing to recommend it to Americans beyond some short-term jobs. It has the potential to destroy entire species of birds plus vital and beautiful ecosystems across our entire country, from Canada to Texas, plus it puts at risk the water supply for millions of Americans. “Tar Sands” oil is filthy and polluting, much worse than crude oil. This project is the stupidest idea imaginable and is being sold to us by TransCanada (like BP but worse) and the Koch Bros among others. Our State Department is crazy to consider it, but a lot of money is being thrown around to pressure them. They need to hear from us. The pipeline is the same one that broke in the Yellowstone River in Montana.

  30. David Heckman says:

    The issue of our lives….and life.

  31. We cannot allow this pipeline to go through. Listen to DEMOCRACY NOW online for today, August 19, to hear both sides duke it out–though the bad gals are out talked with facts by a woman from Ne. It goes right through the state, including the famous Sand Hills (think cranes) area, beloved of naturalists. (The NE people have a website : BOLD Nebraska.)

  32. Hale Kendall says:

    Tell Obama to keep his promise to us and the planet! Right now he is vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe he should look at his front yard.

  33. Inwardsol says:

    This is the wrong technology to pass on to our children. Dirty petroleum kills people and all living things…. Lots of trapped carcinogens get released aside from releasing obscene amounts of carbon.

  34. Mark Skudlarek says:

    The last thing the world needs is more dirty jobs, producing more destructive stuff. It makes me gag when people attempt to justify environmental destruction with “it will provide jobs.” What it provides is big money in the pockets of big oil, and more toxic stuff in our air, water and soil. Tell you what Superstar, when Big Oil and all their addicted children have completely cleaned up the messes they’ve already made, then propose more oil jobs. Don’t tell me about “advances, innovations and strict regulations” while the river that flows past me carries a top layer of oil, and the air is thick with smog. In the meantime, be innovative, and find a clean and sustainable way to live, as opposed to just finding the easiest way to earn dollars.

  35. Brona Little says:

    Thank you for taking action.

  36. Brona Little says:

    Thank you for taking action.

  37. Joe Franko says:

    Hummmm….I’m gonna be 65 in a few weeks. Getting arrested might make a great birthday present to myself!

  38. Whosie says:

    I can’t go, but do support your efforts.

  39. Create clean energy and focus on safe development. Tar sands will not only threaten your own communities it is a cut into gobal climate question and the planet is a place for us all!
    Don’t sell it down to profit bargain. What a human being makes great is to take part into controversial questions and take goodness on the act against all claiming parties who have the spot on profit and not an eye to the planet we all live on and are bounded to.
    Dear Mr. President Obama, at the time you were elected I felt happiness in my heart and trusted that your nation gets a new chance and will become greater through you as the choosen one by election. Now I please you to set a sign that shows my instinct was right and reject the requested permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Greatness and goodness is the visionary advantage of beings who act despite of what others say, due to the fact they have not a glimpse on what really bothers us globally. The global players today make one fault it all is grounded in profit and bargain. And when they decide wrong all have to pay for. The real deal to bring countries down and make debts. But the fault in this mattter will minimize the energy of our planet mother earth to give us a stable liveground. To exist or not is not a question of today, we have to answer it for following generations as well!
    So protect and take care for that what keep you and the whole world alive.
    Best regards,
    Kathrin Schmidt

    • Unionsfirst says:

      For all the small minds Tar is modified pitch produced primarily from the wood and roots of pine, there is no Tar in the ground, the oil sands produce wealth in the regions of the sane. That money stays out of the hands of countrys killing our kids over seas wake up! All the forest and land disrupted are being replaced back to there orginal state. Canada is one of the toughest and environmental friendly nations in the world but not stupid like most of you. They regulate with a fine comb just try and do business in Fort Murry. Ware are the protest of the thousands of miles of pipeline that run through your backyard a year, those are high pressure gas lines, ware is your voice on those issues. Its all a game that you will lose becasue there are to many that need this to happen, nice try!

  40. Anonymous says:

    DC Police Chief Telephone Number is 727 4218

    Cathy Lanier

    Cathy L. Lanier officially assumed the leadership position as Chief of Metropolitan Police Department on January 2, 2007. On April 3, 2007, members of DC Council approved confirmation.

    Executive Office of the Chief of Police 727-4218

  41. It is really unfortunate that this movement is being presented as a radical and frivolous flash-in-the-pan by the major media outlets here in Canada. As a citizen in the nation’s capital I am thoroughly disgusted with the environmentally damaging agenda our ruling political party has been pushing for the better part of this last decade. The subsidies being given to private industry for the development of the tar sands must be stopped. Protests of similar magnitude need to be organized here in Ottawa, to ensure there is pressure from both sides of the border. The Canadian public must be made aware that continued growth of this industry is simply unacceptable, and that our country must not be involved in enabling the petroleum addiction of our nearest neighbour.

    Could this really be as easy as starting a facebook group and organizing a march on Parliament Hill in solidarity to the Tar Sands Action cause??

  42. Canadian in DC says:

    Day 4 of the protest has been a resounding success, with as many people here as on Day I. Come and join us!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Watch this! Start at 1:05:00 – Jacob broadcasts live from DC and was at the protest the first night and spoke with Bill McKibben & other participants. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16820725

  44. Bradytbradshaw says:

    The Tar Sands are a very sorry excuse for providing jobs. If anybody thinks that forest destruction and uncontrollable climate chaos are the only ways we can provide jobs to Americans, please wake up. Dirty oil is a thing of the past and we must get off of it for the sake of our global climate. Are we going to settle for dirty polluting jobs, or are we going to be brave and stand up for the future of our planet for the sake of our children and grandchildren?

    Anyway, the jobs vs. environment argument is totally shot. The only way that could make sense is that more people would have jobs struggling to clean up massive oil spills and coal ash disasters. More doctors could have jobs diagnosing children with asthma and cancer from our toxic environment, and more morticians would be employed putting away bodies.

    I am so proud of the activists standing in front of the white house demanding a clean energy future free of mega- industry climate change machines like the pipeline. Keep it up y’all and I will see you soon in DC!

    • Valerie Hitson says:

      SO well put Brady.I am proud of all of you and if I were anywhere near DC, I WOULD be there! I and my children and grandchildren thank you for your courage. God bless you and everyone there. I am with you in spirit. Love and blessings.

  45. Alexleff says:

    Here’s a something I’d to share:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRvfZZB4fyM

    I wrote this song a month ago out of anger towards the Marcellus Shale Fracking and created a video out frusteration about the KeystoneXL Pipeline. The song and video are named “Dear Senator” and it is my message to Barack Obama reminding him of his campaign promises a couple years ago. His campaign speeches are used and are chilling to here in light of what he’s done to fight climate warming and help the Earth during his presidency.

    I’ll see you in Washington this sunday!

    • Toddsmith says:


      I really liked your song and video, thanks for all the hard work from your frustrations. It was very enjoyable and I would like to link it to our Atlanta tarsandaction protest.

      Todd Smith

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Sorry to correct your thinking. Canada is not trying to push oil to USA. Canada would rather refine here and make more money for Canadians. It is the USA that wants us to send raw products to you so you can make the money. Same as soft wood lumber that used to be processed in Canada. Now have have convinced Canadians to sell you the raw logs. Be very certain that Canadians do not want to lose refining jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is sooo true. I do not want ANYONE doing the Alberta blue. The lost jobs from the paper mills in my town and the mills shutting down that have been here for decades.
      We are in a hard pressed dilemma. Alberta Blue….BAD, Paper Mills….. BAD. Lost jobs BAD.

  47. Anonymous says:


  48. Anonymous says:

    I am Canadian, To Canadian and U.S. Citizens

    Paper Mills…….BAD. Lost jobs from closed mills refining goes to U.S……BAD
    Alberta Blue……BAD. Lost jobs from refining In U.S….BAD.
    Alberta Blue closed Lost jobs……………………………….BAD.
    Coal Mining…….BAD. Lost jobs from closed mining….BAD.
    Paper mills and Alberta Blue and Coal and other destructions…..BAD
    Having too many children that need jobs………………………………BAD
    Sick planet from the above and other things………………………….BAD
    Sick people from sick planet……………………………………………..BAD

  49. Wolfone says:

    The Best way to stop Canadian Oil from coming to the U.S. and protecting the environment, just stop driving your cars. It is that simple. Best of luck with that.

  50. Jerome Wagner says:


    Dear Folks: I had the opportunity to participate in the Tar Sands Action in Washington DC earlier this week. It was Day 4 of a 2-week long action aimed at the issue of tar sands extraction, processing, and use. On this day, 59 individuals were arrested for the act of civil disobedience, which was initiated by our stationing ourselves on the sidewalk in front of the White House.

    I’ve attached a few photos (not here, though). Many more can be viewed for the whole action here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tarsandsaction/ .

    Some highlights:
    * we were given a thorough training/briefing session the evening before the action; this gave us an opportunity to meet and bond with other participants, to hear about the impacts of tar sands exploitation, and to practice remaining peaceful during the action;
    * Bill McKibben – the most visible nationally-known leader of this action – spoke to us before the start of the action;
    * for most of the participants, this was the first time being arrested; for me, this is a major accomplishment of the action; to me, this talks to the seriousness of the times and the growing courage, concern, and outrage of the citizenry;
    * processing by the police was methodical and prompt; the formal action started at 11am; warnings and such by the police were concluded by about 11:30am, at which time the individual arrests began; by shortly after 2pm, all of us had been transported to the Anacostia jail, frisked, and ticketted, had paid our $100 fine, and had been released; the Parks Service police were courteous throughout;
    * we had the extra excitement of being in DC at the time of the earthquake! I was being frisked at the time; man, that slab-on-grade cinderblock “garage” we were in moved like a foam board on the waves at the seaside!
    * firsts for me on this trip included using public transportation throughout and not using commercial lodging (I was completely bushed at the end of the trip);
    * as with other such events in which I have recently participated, this was a rich experience for me; catching up with people met on prior occasions; meal-time conversations of import; speaking with a man on hunger strike for climate action (more about that later, hopefully); asking for and receiving help (whether for lodging or directions); being at “the most important place, at the most important time”, as Bill McKibben puts it.

    If you have any openness to participating, please respond by actually doing it. The action continues through September 3rd. Check the website ( http://www.tarsandsaction.org ) for weather-related adjustments, enrollment, etc.

    God Blesses. Jerome

  51. Harold Hensel says:

    Here is a quote from the Vancouver Sun, National Post and the Leader Post . “Obama cites “destructive” Canadian oilsands, hints at..”. The article has been deleted from all three newspapers.

    We need to give President Obama the political cover to decline the permit. Go demonstraters!

    • Truthful says:

      Harold….you really have to learn to read the whole story and not just the headlines.

      That quote is in the headlines but Obama goes on to say “Obama singled out Canada as a “steady and stable and reliable” source of oil for America.”
      Canada and Alberta have the toughest Environmental laws in the world that are strictly enforced. Canadian Bitumen has less of a Carbon Footprint than the Heavy Oil that is imported from Venezuela.

      Canada and Alberta are constantly upgrading and improving ways to make the Oilsands a safe and reliable source of oil.

      Can you say that about other oil producers such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, etc. These countries have a HORRIBLE record when it comes to dealing with the environment.

    • Wolfone says:

      Harold, That article is still in all three papers. Don’t try to create drama and mislead people. Read the whole article and you will get the full story. Our economy does run on oil right now, but if you pushed harder to find alternatives to oil you would be doing more good.

  52. Freedom1 says:

    Perhaps the U.S. should put a tax on Fossil Fuels that go to developing Renewable Energy Sources like other other countries do. Higher gas prices would stop people from driving, and support home grown foods from local areas.

  53. kitegoddess says:

    when we were kids we had goldfish, feed them too much don’t clean the bowl and dead fish are the result. We humankind also live in a contained system if we keep putting in nasty stuff….just like the goldfish!

  54. Jagadees says:

    Stop Keystone XL
    Stop buying oil. Use public transport, electric vehicles and organic food.

    • Jbparrie says:

      Good Idea Stupid, while you heat otr Air condition your home from Saudi or Iranian oil, us Canadians will sell once yours to China. At least we know that our oil isnt paying for terrorists or causining Genocide.

    • BB says:

      Thank you Jagadees for mentioning public transportation. I read and hear far to little about it. I beleive petoleum is a wonderful substance with many uses for humankind. But it’s something that shouldn’t be squandered by just a few generations. Let’s build efficient, sustainable light rail in our most poplated areas of this continent. What if we connect our major cities with high speed rail? Then we could leave 99% of our oil in the ground so people can keep using it (sparingly) for the next ten thousand years. Racing to extract and ship minerals around the world may bring a economic boom to a few individuals. But history should tell us these booms don’t provide sustainable economies.

  55. Helen says:

    The video says Sec. of State Clinton will make the decision. I havne’t been able to find an address for Sec. of State Clinton. It would be good to post that address so we can write in support of your action.

  56. Tom Hagood says:

    I have a huge concern about climate change and you activist are saying that harvesting the tar sands will release huge amounts of green house gasses; no offense intended but experience has taught me not to take everything activist say at face value.

    Can you direct me to a peer reviewed study(s) that confirm your concerns? ridgeclimber@hotmail.com

  57. I’m from Tijuana, Mexico, and want so badly to be there! I know I shouldn’t interfere with another country’s issues, but this will have an impact not just in Canada and USA. This is a matter of resolution and action against any crime to the planet. Keep the good work y’all!

  58. Jm says:

    What amazes me about the current protests regarding the development of the Tar sands region in Canada is that we have been receiving the majority of our imported oil for YEARS from Canada and yet no one has been out in front of the White House complaining about it to the same degree. The oil from these tar sands is no dirtier than what we has already been produced. Also, the same things said about this pipeline were once used against the Alaskan pipeline, and yet the sky did not fall. With only 1-2% of our energy needs being met by wind and solar, it is unrealistic to think that fossil fuels can be abandoned overnight without destroying the economy. There are parts of the country where the wind and sun is not always reliable. Why not have all options on the table so that our energy portfolio is diversified to such a degree that the loss of one source does not have catastrophic effects. Yes we need to conserve, but we also need to make use of every available resource at our disposal WHILE they are still available, until a major break through in energy technology can be attained. Where is the electricity going to come from to recharge all the new electric cars if coal plants are being shut down? Also, who cares what the rest of the world thinks in terms of our so called “Leadership” on climate change – is that going to make China, North Korea, and Iran hate us any less? China and India are going to continue with industrialization regardless of our stance on the climate.

  59. Scout62802 says:

    Pay attention to what is happening here!

  60. Jbparrie says:

    What a bunch of Losers, From a Canadian Vet working in Saskatchewans oil Industry

  61. Jorg Anson says:

    I wish the Aloha State is close by because the whole Honolulu will be at the white house supporting all of you. Let’s hope for the best!

  62. peacetrainann says:

    I’m starting some resistance in Kelowna, BC for Sept 26 (peaceful sit-in in front of city hall). More details @ http://kelownaagainsttarsands.weebly.com/#/.

  63. Jeff Kisling says:

    Yesterday the White House launched the Petitions website. If 5,000 people sign the Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline petition, the White House has promised a response:


  64. Kim Hunter says:

    I wish I were closer.. I have been blogging and posting petitions (19 unique campaigns so far) and rally dates.. trying to do my part to make people aware of the misinformation and health and environmental travesties associated with Keystone XL.

  65. Noklebym says:

    My partner and I went to Washington and were arrested. We are from Alberta, and since returning have helped raise 1200 to send two activists from Calgary to be arrested in Ottawa. We will continue to do all we can do to push the transition to a carbon free economy…..but how hard is it to make this site international?

    I’ve just tried to register to add our action to the others in the states, and there is no slot for Canadian provinces……….lets make it easier for those of us who really think globally to work effectively together

  66. T.A. Zambo says:

    So much time, energy and money spent on apparently quick fixes to our economy, when we should in fact build the basis of sustainable and eco-friendly wealth. It’s sadening to see organisations that supposedly have long-term plans be so short-sighted… Nevertheless, corporation, along with their governemental facilitators are lecturing the common people on what’s good for them… Rise up, people!

  67. Raven says:

    I will be there in spirit for sure. This pipeline is true insanity and all greed. With no regard to life in any any kind. I wish all who join in this protest best of luck…

  68. D Sweeney says:

    Every United States citizen should read THE OIL KINGS’ by Andrew Scott Cooper.
    If they were old enough to remember the oil crisis of the 1970’s,all objection to the pipeline would evaporate.

  69. D Sweeney says:

    This will make you want a secure supplier.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Dear President Obama Many many of us had the dream that you were going to lead us into a greener future. We realize that it might mean some difficult time for the movement to really get going but I think most are willing to endure some hardship if it meant we were moving in the right direction. You not saying no to Tar Sands by now is a really extreme disappointment to me. I thought my three great grand children could look forward to a brighter,healthier tomorrow,but alas I’m not so sure. Allowing the Tar Sands to go through will mean a blighted unhealthy future, and in some cases even death to many of our citizens. Seeing what it has done to areas of Canada’s land and waters is very distressing and to think it’s in our future is really heartbreaking. If it goes through there will be no end to disaster as this is one of the worst substances to try to clean up and the Keystone XL has not cleaned up the messes they have already made. If you hope to have grand children please say no to Tar Sands.

  71. JanetJ says:

    Any one interested in going out there from Minneapolis?

  72. Coooljam88 says:

    Is anybody from the south florida area going up for the 6th? Groups or share a ride, I’m interested in joining you. Can pool limited resources.

  73. Summer Nay says:

    I am one of the 20 students from Unity College, America’s Environmental College in Maine, taking the ten hour bus ride down to this historical event. We are all every excited to take action and be apart of this!

  74. Karieford says:

    I’ve spent the last few hours looking for something that may be happening in Ottawa on November 6th. Haven’t found a thing. Canadians? What are we doing to show a united front with protesters at the White House… A bit shocked that something is not happening here at 24 Sussex, home of our Prime Minister…

  75. Idorun2003 says:

    Im a Canadian, There is nothing being done here in Canada with regards to the PIPE LINE. Canadians have no choice in the matter . The Government here is PRO OIL and PRO big Business ,The Tar sands are an environmental in Canada. The environment is not even talked about here. The Government only see the monetary benefits of this OIL SANDS

  76. Inallout says:

    Its very unfortunate that in todays world we have no other stable energy source to sustain our way of life. But the reality is that we need oil. How did the protesters get to the white house? And im sure you are all going to enjoy your warm homes in the brutal N.E. winter. Everyone is sitting around complaining about the difficult decisions the government has to make to keep America the great country it is. We cant stop cut off the one energy source we have without a replacement. If everyone wants to stop driving and live in the cold maybe we can stop the pipeline. As an Albertan its interesting to watch the American people criticize a safe and reliable energy source from a country with a great human rights record, while consuming barrel after barrel of oil from dictators like Saudi Arabia, or crazed tyrants like Venezuela’s Chaves. Can we all please be rational and create more sustainable energy sources before you throw away a good neighbour.

    • Stephanie Martin says:

      I am just starting to research this issue, but tend to side with you Inallout. We, Americans, use a ton of oil. We import 10x the amount that we produce and our reserves are equal to a day’s supply (source CIA World Fact Book). I am 100% for research and development of all energy supplies. I am also very supportive for holding responsible those who do not protect property and human rights. The companies need to do it safe. The governments must not cover up negligence.

      The governments also need to legalize cannabis, and stop crushing innovation. God bless.

  77. I have been fighting this battle in one form of another since the mid 60s. Very nice to pocket a win from time to time. The brass ring is in sight. Don’t no one give up the fight this close to the finish. Time to double down.

  78. Emily Cross says:

    “Treachery of Big Oil” = ceci n’est pas une pipeline, because we’re winning!

  79. Emily Cross says:

    “Treachery of Big Oil” = ceci n’est pas une pipeline, because we’re winning!

  80. Emily Cross says:

    “Treachery of Big Oil” = ceci n’est pas une pipeline, because we’re winning!

  81. Emily Cross says:

    “Treachery of Big Oil” = ceci n’est pas une pipeline, because we’re winning!

  82. Bruce Jackson says:

    Republicans are trying to force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline by attaching a bill to the President’s payroll-tax and unemployment benefit extension package. Leaders Reid and Pelosi need to know they can’t throw the fight against Keystone XL under the bus.


  83. idorun says:

    It really does not matter what the general puplic who are opposed to the pipe line, both ( BC ) pipe lines from the Alberta OIL SANDS . The government on both sides will ok this . The reason being is because you are dealing with Politicians on both sides of the fence . Who have been bought by the big OIL and AUTOMBLIIE LOBBYIST . It does matter if one million people sign a paper. You are fighting two governments and some other countires OIL concerns and OIL is the Number one thing in this world when it comes to filling the pockets of our trusted government people . The USA government is really more corrupt that the Canadian government . But this being said nothing id going to stop these two pipe line. Man does not care when it comes to making money. Wht you need is a big LOBBY group with more money than the big OIL compaines that run this world. Man is a Predator ; monetary value has more value than LIFE on this planet.

  84. Yea, some VICTORY!

    Obama halt’s the pipline and the gop have deviously tied it to unemployment and the payroll tax.. and your action group has done NOTHING about it!

    At the least , you should have BACKED OBAMA and called the gop OUT in a press conference! Now, OBAMA is in a no-win situation!

    Thanks for NOTHING!

  85. If Obama caves on the pipeline you have no one to BLAME but youselves for not going after the GOP for putting OBAMA in a no-win situation!

  86. Spread the word about WHAT!
    Its too Late!
    Obama halted the pipeline and the gop found a way to tie his hands and you stood by and did NOTHING!

  87. Pete (Granpa) Moss says:

    As soon as I read “tarsands”, I can tell an idiot is ranting. Calling the Oil sands, “tarsands”, is like calling a Gold mine, a “dirt mine” !

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