Joy and Resolve.

On July 26th, Tim DeChristopher was sentenced to XXXXXXXXXXXXX for disrupting an illegal auction of oil and gas leases in Utah.

Since his arrest, Tim has called for an expansion of civil disobedience and direct action in the climate movement. His bold act of conscience inspired people across America to step up in the struggle against climate change, the fossil fuel industry, and their supporters in government.

Now he is being punished, not just for his actions to stop the auction, but for his unapologetic defense of the bold tactics needed to stop the fossil fuel industry that would cook our planet into catastrophe. We need to show that we will not be deterred by the obvious attempt to scare us into inaction.

If we want this movement to grow to include our friends and neighbors, we need to show that Tim is not alone, and that we are not afraid. “Joy and resolve” was a rallying cry for Tim’s trial, and that’s exactly what we need now.

To show our joy and resolve, we are asking you to strengthen this movement, beginning with our action against the tar sands in Washington DC. Take this critical moment to share our invitation to action with your social networks, and to personally email 5 people who might not otherwise get involved to ask them to join us in Washington.

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