Let us know when you’ll be in DC

To make sure the organizers are ready for everyone, we’ll need a little more information about when you plan to be in Washington, DC for the demonstration.

Even if you’ve already let us know when you plan to arrive, please take a second to fill out the form below – we want to make sure we have your information correct.

If you’re not sure about your plans yet, just give us a range of dates that you’re available.



  1. Amanda Nesheiwat says:

    I am very excited to be a part of this. I will try to bring with me as many NJ powershifters as I can!

  2. Betsy Toll says:

    As a low income person in Portland, Oregon, I will not be able to be in DC but will be with you in spirit.

    I realize all your organizing effort and time may be directed to only the DC action, but wonder if anyone is coordinating actions at Canadian consulates elsewhere, specifically in the Pacific NW.

    Many blessings and prayers for your strength, courage, dignity, and the impact of this action.

    • Anonymous says:


      We would love to see some west coast solidarity actions. No one is coordinating in Portland yet, but you should absolutely get the ball rolling. Email us at tarsandsaction@gmail.com once you get going.

      Hope to talk soon!

  3. Mike Morrell says:

    I can’t get to DC, but I’ll be participating wherever it happens in coastal BC, Canada–Vancouver, Victoria?

  4. David Slesinger says:

    Can’t be sure when. Sorry. Mike Tidwell said he would try to arrange for me to speak on nonviolence. If he would call I would appreciate it. 410-499-5403

  5. Elisabeth Motsinger says:

    I am a member of the school board in my community in NC. I cannot be convicted of a felony and keep my seat. If I am charged will it bar me from keeping my seat?

  6. Fredostry says:

    I do not have plans as of this date. Perhaps you can give me dates you will need the most help. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best days.

    Please also note I do not wish to put my self in Jeopardy With Arrest.

    I will act peaceful and within the law.


    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Fred- Please check out our FAQs page for more about the plan for the action.

      There’s a long and important tradition of civil disobedience that we plan to act in line with. We intend to act peacefully and firmly to do what’s right.

  7. David Hood says:

    Bit far to fly in (GHG considerations) from Australia, but I’m with you all in thought and effort over here…..

  8. Bindu says:

    I cannot be in DC but will gladly take part in any action in the San Fran area

    • Anonymous says:


      many people in SF are very interested in starting an action. Check in with you local activist networks to get an action rolling and we’ll help spread the word.

  9. Charles and Karen McFadden says:

    We can’t make it to DC this summer, but could take part in any action in Halifax, Nova Scotia or possibly Ottawa, Ontario. We live in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  10. Dean Hulse says:

    This trip is still quite tentative for me. I’ve read your FAQ page, especially your answers concerning legal concerns, but it all seems pretty open-ended to me. For example, if something unexpected happens and my one day that is to be reserved for dealing with “legal issues” becomes two–and I miss my flight home–am I on my own?

    • Anonymous says:

      We’ll do our best to make sure you’re not on the street. We can’t guarantee anything about the legal system – it’s simply out of our hands – and there is an element of risk to this action, which is what will make it such a powerful moment. We hope you’ll be able to join us.

  11. Msmith153 says:

    If not us, who? If not now, then when? Take a stand and come to DC, this is our fight to win.

  12. Haloc001 says:

    Under “Please Select Dates” I am only seeing August 20th-25th—what happened to the later dates? I don’t think that these current ones work for me but I do wish to participate.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hm, not sure what’s up here – you should be able to select dates all the way until Sept. 3rd. Try restarting your browser and coming back to the page – if you still have trouble, let us know at tarsandsaction@gmail.com

  13. Reita Ennis says:

    I will arrive 8/19 and depart 8/23, so the 8/20 thru 8/22 dates are fully committed to this action. I am pleased to join with others in D.C.

  14. David Clausen says:

    My main concern is not the days I can spend there, but rather how to be there safely and cheaply.

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