From August 20 and September 3, over 2,000 people are expected to take part in daily sit-ins in front of the White House. The participants include people from 48 US states and Canada.

Each day of the protest, 50-100 participants will gather at Lafayette Square Park at 10:30 AM and be available for interviews before risking arrest by sitting in at the White House fence at 11:00 AM. We anticipate participants will begin to be arrested within 30 minutes.

Throughout the two weeks, we will feature a number of spokespeople who can speak to the many different constituencies opposing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Please check back to this page as the calendar evolves and more prominent figures join the sit-in.

Featured Spokespeople

Saturday, Aug 20: Opening Day

On the first day of the protest, lead spokespeople will include Bill McKibben, author and environmental activist who launched the sit-in, Jane Kleeb, founder of BOLD Nebraska and outspoken critic of the pipeline, Gus Speth, former White House official and co-founder of the National Resources Defense Council, and more.

Sunday, Aug 21: Sit-in Continues

Monday, Aug 22: Nebraska Residents / Washington DC Residents

The Keystone XL would run through Nebraska, bisecting the ecologically sensitive Sandhills and crossing the Ogallala Aquifer. On Monday, residents of Nebraska will act as lead spokespeople for the sit-in at the White House along with a large contingent of DC residents who will help kick-off the first week of protests on their home turf.

Tuesday, Aug  23: Montana Residents

The oil spill in the Yellowstone River earlier this spring was a stark reminder about the dangers pipelines pose to communities across the West. On Tuesday, a delegation of people from Montana will act as lead spokespeople for the action at the White House. Actress Margot Kidder (who played Lois Lane in four Superman movies) will be leading the delegation.

Wednesday, Aug 24: Gulf Coast

Residents of the Gulf Coast have witnessed the impacts of climate change, fossil fuel development, and oil spills first hand. On Wednesday, a delegation of Gulf Coast residents will act as lead spokespeople for the sit-in.

Thursday, Aug 25: Sit-in Continues

Friday, Aug 26: Sit-in Continues

Saturday, Aug 27: Youth

Young people helped elect Barack Obama president in 2008. After the election, polls showed that youth supported climate legislation by a margin of 5 to 1. On Saturday, leading youth climate activists and college students will act as the lead spokespeople for the sit-in.

In the evening, there will be an public concert and performance “How to Defuse a Carbon Bomb: Artists Against the Keystone XL Pipeline” to celebrate the first week of the sit-in and highlight the importance of art in building a movement to stop the Keystone XL.

Sunday, Aug 28: Sit-in Continues

Monday, Aug 29: People of Faith & Dr. James Hansen

On Monday, ministers and rabbis will join other faith leaders to speak out agains the Keystone XL pipeline and call on President Obama to act as a steward for the Earth. Spokespeople will include some of the leading faith voices on environmental protection. NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen, perhaps the world’s top climatologist, will also take part in the action.

Tuesday, Aug 30: Sit-in Continues 

Wednesday, Aug 31: Appalachia Residents

Resource extraction has taken its toll on the people of Appalachia, where mountain-top removal coal mining has devastated over a million acres of land. Residents from Appalachia will come take part in the sit-in and connect the destruction of Appalachia with the destruction taking place in Alberta due to the tar sands.

Thursday, Sept. 1: Landowner Tour Arrives in DC / “Fracktivists” / Canadian Spokespeople

Beginning on August 20, landowners from along the pipeline route will be leading a tour across America to raise awareness about the dangers of the Keystone XL pipeline. For more information on the tour click here. On Aug 30, the tour will arrive in DC and act as lead spokespeople for the sit-in.

The tour participants will be joined by a large delegation of anti-fracking activists led by Oscar-nominated director Josh Fox (GASLAND).

Friday, Sept. 2: Indigenous Leaders

The Indigenous Environmental Network is bringing tribal governmental and grassroots leaders from US and Canada, directly impacted by the proposed pipeline and the tar sands oil operations, to say “NO KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE” to President Obama. This Indigenous Day of Action on September 2, 2011, at the gates of the White House will express the solidarity of Native Nations, standing with concerned citizens, workers, farmers, ranchers, unions, youth and a coalition of environmental groups from across the continent.

Saturday, Sept. 3: Final Day

On the final day of the sit-in, over a thousand people are expected to join a rally at Lafayette Square Park to take part in a massive public art piece that will create an enduring image to commemorate the two-week sit-in and inspire future protests to stop the Keystone XL and other fossil-fuel projects.

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