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  1. world's messed up says:

    you got it guys, don’t stop!!! we’re doing our work here in Berlin too ;D

  2. Tree hugger says:

    Thank you to all who are physically there. I am sending you strength and support in spirit and praying that President Obama chooses to remember his earlier promises and pay attention to what is right for the planet.

  3. Arnaud Gariepy says:

    Great job guys, we will also fight against fracking here in Europe! Be brave and go on changing the minds

  4. Schlotterbeck says:

    I need a photo of me from the sit-in Monday, Aug22 for the local paper. My face is obscured in the group photo and my arrest wasn’t captured. I was on the left side, second row back with a print shirt and black ball cap- anyone have a photo? I was arrested third. Thanks,

  5. Amazing show of solidarity that sends a clear message of what the people want, keep going we are with you!

  6. Nonsense says:


    Remember this!!

  7. Pete & Mary says:

    The crew from Rebel Chorus on community radio 2XX broadcasting from Canberra Australia applaud your struggle and congratulate your stand for our shared earth. We are desparately trying to stop a nuclear waste dump being built on Muckety Station which is Aboriginal Land in central Australia and is over the huge Artesian Basin an underground aquifer. Secret deals between Australian & US governments have been made to take US’s 6000 tons of Nuke waste. And the appeals by the Mucketty people are not yet being heard. RC helps spread the word on the many struggles to save the earth. We use song, verse and music to tell the peoples stories, struggle, solidarity, sedition and survival each Saturday morning 10 to 12 noon on 98.3fm and live streamed via internet. You can find us on Good Luck Comrads. Mary and Pete

  8. Sajgonkute says:

    toi den tu vietnam toi ung ho cac ban! toi muon kung duoc tham ra!

    • Bob says:

      It is very nice for granola muching celeberties to say No to the pipeline–it is also reality that they have enough money and freedoms that they do not have to worry where they get their oil to power their Escalades. USA needs this oil and it will also provide many jobs and spin-off benefits. If everyone rode a bike then No to the pipeline but that is NOT the case. Grow up and find better means to make the pipeline safer.

      Montgomery is awesome!

      Montgomery triangle is awesome!

  9. R Shamel says:

    Hey, Obama, why not end this stress,
    Give a “State of the Climate” address.

    Yes, Obama, lead the nation,
    Give US climate edu-cation.

    You can save our world from hell,
    Just veto the pipleline called “XL.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    I was in the doctor’s office the other day and picked up a National Geographic Mag. The article that caught my attention was on the pipeline to British Columbia. It seems as though two pipelines are necessary, one to take chemicals to the Tar Sands to liquify it enough to move through the pipeline and a second pipeline for the oil to actually flow to British Columbia.

    Something I’ve learned from the fracking issue is that when a company approaches you for permission to survey your land for a pipeline and you give it, THAT is regarded as implied consent for them to put the pipeline through your land. Think carefully people..

  11. Dazegoneby says:

    Keep it up! We can’t stop now!

  12. LoneStarLaurel says:

    Thanks to all for the great job you did & continue to do.
    We’ll be taking up the fight at the State Department hearings in Texas next weekl

  13. LoneStarLaurel says:

    Thanks to all for the great job you did & continue to do.
    We’ll be taking up the fight at the State Department hearings in Texas next weekl

  14. Jon Nicholson says:

    Another largely unknown but related issue is that as they develop the oil sands in northern Alberta they use vast amounts of chemicals to get at the oil. These chemicals are then pumped off to nearby pools (tiling ponds) where the chemicals will sit for who knows how long. Problem is that in some cases they are using already established and rather ancient lakes, lakes largely untouched by human kind that have been alone up there since their forming. These perfect and unpolluted lakes are turning into cesspools and killing off nearby wildlife as a result.

    This alone is worth stopping the oil sands project over, let’s save the environment both locally and worldwide. For the love of life stop this.

  15. Jesse Wallace says:

    First off, I agree this needs to be stopped. Why you are hinging your arguments together is beyond me, stop tying this issue into climate change. This is a problem of it’s own and you are just alienating people who do care about the environment and may not hold the same view of climate change you do. Also please stop making pleads to Obama, stop supporting him, it is quite clear he does not care about this, the environment, all the brown people our army is killing over seas, the poor, medical marijuana users or anything else that does not directly benefit him. It is time to grow up and realize the political process is never going to work, and there are no prophets in government who are going to lead you anywhere you want to go. This particular issue is enough on it’s own, it’s a nasty pipeline, which could cause a very real ecological disaster, with no real benefit to the public, who are actually being exposed to the most risk, it will also drive up fuel prices and this economy cannot afford MORE challenges.

    • Mark Skudlarek says:

      I agree with your point that we who stand in opposition to the pipeline should not base our decision to support Obama on his decision about this pipeline. But, given his track record with respect to keeping promises, I see nothing wrong with suggesting to him that I will vote for him if he says “no” to the pipeline, and then completely forgetting his name come election day.

  16. kjoe says:

    One day we will wake up and israel will have crushed iran. Oil will hit $200 a barrel – yeehaw!!!! Long and strong!! oil oil oil,!!!

  17. Celebrity208 says:

    I support the pipeline. I have read the propaganda on both sides and have come down on the side of supporting it.

  18. Drew peacock says:

    Montgomery is awesome!!

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