US Tribal Leaders Present President Obama with Mother Earth Accord Opposing Keystone XL

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Rosebud Sioux Nation President Rodney Bordeaux

US and Canadian Indigenous Peoples United To Stop Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Monday, December 5, 2011

Washington DC-A delegation of US Tribal leaders gathered together in Washington DC, during the third annual White House Tribal Leaders Summit to call on President Obama to reject a presidential permit for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The leaders presented President Obama with the “Mother Earth Accord” that outlines unique US Tribal and First Nations concerns over Keystone XL, Alberta Tar Sands, the heavy haul in Idaho and Montana, and presented a copy of the Academy Award Nominated Documentary film called “Pipe Dreams”

The 1,700-mile proposed Transcanada Keystone XL pipeline has been mired in controversy since its inception and poses a significant threat to tribal water quality, public health, and cultural heritage in both the United States and Canada.  In Alberta, extraction of tar sands oil has already been linked to a 30% elevated rate of rare cancers and autoimmune diseases in First Nations communities downstream from the project.

President Steele of Oglala Sioux Nation stated, “I will stand against the Keystone XL pipeline as long as it threatens to contaminate the Mni Wiconi water pipeline and threatens the clean drinking water and health of the Oglala people.


Strategy Session Debrief Notes

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Last night hundreds of us joined a national conference call to debrief what was discussed in our movement strategy sessions last week. We couldn’t get a recording of the call, but we did take notes. Here’s what was discussed:

Thanks to Zack Malitz for taking very detailed notes


Tonight! Movement Strategy Sessions Debrief

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Friends –

We tried something new this past week.

For the first time ever, we had a nationwide brainstorm — a collaborative “movement strategy session” to chart the path ahead. Thousands of people have contributed ideas, either online or in person, and now we’re bringing it back together.

Tonight, we’re inviting you to a call with Bill McKibben to go over the best ideas that have bubbled up from the grassroots. We have lots to discuss, so I hope you’ll join us — all you need is a web connection and an open mind.

Here are details for the call:

What: Movement Strategy Sessions Debrief Call

When: Monday December 5th, 9 PM Eastern Time

To join: Call (712) 432-1001, and enter the access code 485501597#

On the web: There is a chat box on our website so that everyone can discuss what’s happening on the call without talking over each other:


Getting back in gear – Big oil fights back with back room deals to pass Keystone XL

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Dear Gang,

Well, our temporary delay of the Keystone Pipeline may be even more temporary than we’d hoped.

In the last few days a team of industry-funded Senators and Congressmen have introduced bills designed to force almost immediate approval of Keystone XL. Hence this long letter—please take the time to read it with care.

Several bills have been introduced. The most dangerous would force the president to give a permit within months, long before anyone could credibly conduct the promised review of climate impacts. We won the first round in public, and so Big Oil is using the money-filled back rooms of DC to try to win round two.

So I fear we have to ask yet more of you. The key to stopping these bills will be in the Senate. A few of you live in key states – including Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia—where your Senator could have a big say on these bills. These proposals are attached to the President’s tax cut legislation which will get an up-or-down vote in less than two weeks, so we need to act fast to get them to stand up to big oil and stop this backroom deal.


Movement Strategy Session Debrief Call: Tonight!

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Tonight we’ll be meeting back up to debrief what was discussed during the movement strategy sessions last week. Here is information about the call:

What: Climate Movement Strategy Sessions Debrief Call
When: Monday December 5th, 9 PM Eastern Time
To join: Call (712) 432-1001, and enter the access code 485501597#

Talk soon!


BC First Nations Unite to Declare Province-Wide Opposition to Crude Oil Pipeline and Tanker Expansion

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VANCOUVER, COAST SALISH TERRITORIES, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Dec 01, 2011 — First Nations, whose unceded territory encompasses the entire coastline of British Columbia, have formed a united front, banning all exports of tar sands crude oil through their territories, and effectively all of BC – whether by Enbridge in the north or Kinder-Morgan in the south.

Several new First Nations signed the Save the Fraser Declaration in a Vancouver ceremony, expanding First Nations opposition in western Canada to more than 130 Nations. These First Nations form an unbroken wall of opposition from the U.S. border to the Arctic Ocean. This is the first time that First Nations have come together publicly to declare a ban on oil tankers and pipelines on both the north and south coasts.

“North or south, it makes no difference. First Nations from every corner of BC are saying absolutely no tar sands pipelines or tankers in our territories,” said Chief Jackie Thomas of Saik’uz First Nation, a member of the Yinka Dene Alliance. “We have banned oil pipelines and tankers using our laws, and we will defend our decision using all the means at our disposal.”


Movement Strategy Session Video Chat

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Terrific talking to everyone tonight! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

tarsandsaction on Broadcast Live Free


Indigenous Leaders Will Hand Obama Emergency Mother Earth Accord, Say Face To Face No Keystone XL

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2011-11-30-ShutDowntheTarSands.jpgPhoto credit: Shadia Fayne Wood
In the ongoing fight to keep tarsands oil in the ground, no group has been more vocal, more consistent, and more effective than native and indigenous groups on both sides of the border.

When I think back on the year’s campaign — which has at least temporarily halted construction of the pipeline — many of the faces I see in my mind’s eye come from native communities: Melina Laboucan-Massimo in tears describing the death of family and friends from the strange cancers now common across the tarsands territory, or Gitz Crazyboy showing pictures of the wrecked landscape where he grew up. The Indigenous Environmental Network, small and underfunded, was just as key in this fight as the biggest of the Washington green groups.


Something really big is underway

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I’ve been on the road the past couple of weeks, meeting up with folks in Colorado and Ohio, and I must say: everywhere I go, I can tell something really big is underway.

Between stopping Keystone in its tracks and the huge things accomplished by Occupy Wall Street, we’re at a turning point for our movement and our planet. People are beginning to understand the bold steps needed to stop the corporate power that is destroying our way of life.

Of course, this amazing work didn’t come out of nowhere — it all got started with a handful of people meeting and making a plan.
We have more than a handful of people at this point, but to build the next phase of this movement, we need to do the same thing.  Now is the time to figure out profound new ways to say yes to a renewable energy future.

Movement strategy sessions are happening in communities coast-to-coast this week to make our own plans for what’s next, but if you can’t make a strategy session, we still want to hear from you. The best way to add your thoughts is to answer the questions here on this page:


Planning What's Next for the Climate Movement

News — the tar sands action team November 28, 2011 @ 7:23 pm

This Wednesday, the Tar Sands Action will be meeting to discuss the future of our movement.

We just won an important victory against Keystone XL, and folks across North America are meeting up this week to discuss how to keep growing the movement to end fossil fuels and stop climate change. After a victory like this we should take time to reflect on our successes over the past few months, and discuss what we can do to continue our momentum.

We’re going to make sure that Keystone XL never gets built, but we can’t stop there – from continuing to fight tar sands development, to stopping fracking, to ending fossil fuel subsidies, we want to collaboratively figure out the best way to grow the movement against fossil fuels and corporate polluters.

Here’s the plan: we’re starting with a live video chat from the organizing team that will lay out a few ideas about what could come next. Then folks from coast-to-coast will meet to discuss their plans and ideas. We’re teaming up with to hold events coast-to-coast.

I was hoping you could be a part of the strategy session near you – we need to hear from everyone who was a part of this hugely successful campaign so that we can figure out what worked, and put our absolute best foot forward for the next step. Can you join a strategy session?

Click here to find an event and RSVP

If you can’t find an event near you, click here to sign up to host – it’s super-simple, and someone from the Tar Sands Action organizing touch will give you a call to make sure you have everything you need.


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