High School Students Take Keystone XL Opposition Directly to the State Department

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Supporters of the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline have ranged from 8 year olds to WWII veterans. This post, written by Michael Greenberg, tells the story of an intrepid group of high school students who took the “No KXL! ” message directly to the State Department. Photos are by Josh Lopez. 

Tar Sands Students, a newly formed group of high school students who oppose construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, partook in its first action last Thursday: a meeting with Assistant Secretary of State Kerri-Ann Jones.


Bill McKibben's Speech at Occupy Wall Street

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Today, Tar Sands Action organizer Bill McKibben spoke at Occupy Wall Street in New York City and made the connection between the demonstrations there and the ongoing fight against the Keystone XL pipeline. Below is a video and transcript of the speech. Many thanks to our friends at Treehugger for providing the video. 

Here is the text of Bill’s speech: 

Today in the New York Times there was a story that made it completely clear why we have to be here. They uncovered the fact that the company building that tar sands pipeline was allowed to choose another company to conduct the environmental impact statement, and the company that they chose was a company was a company that did lots and lots of work for them. So, in other words, the whole thing was rigged top to bottom and that’s why the environmental impact statement said that this pipeline would cause no trouble, unlike the scientists who said if we build this pipeline it’s “game over” for the climate. We can’t let this pipeline get built.


Front Page CNN!

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Huge news: the Keystone XL fight just took over the front page of CNN.com! The headline “Energy Battle Puts Squeeze on Obama” is exactly the message we need and it couldn’t be in a more prominent place. Over the last week, incredible pressure has been building on the Obama administration to do the right thing and say no to the Keystone XL pipeline. Let’s keep that momentum building as we head into Nov. 6.


Today's Pipeline Hearings

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What incredible momentum: there was a huge crowd of people inside and outside of the State Department hearings in Washington, D.C. saying “No” to the Keystone XL pipeline and “Yes!” to a clean energy future. From Nebraska ranchers to DC residents to environmental scientists, people from all across America came together to demand that the State Department represent the national interest of the 99% — all of us who will feel the impacts of climate change and a wrecked environment — rather than the 1%, the oil executives and financiers who stand to benefit the tar sands and Keystone XL.


Follow the Money: Tar Sands Protest in Scotland

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The Royal Bank of Scotland, like most banks these days, likes to tout its green credentials. But PR flacks and fancy brochures can’t hide the fact that RBS is investing $7.5 billion into tar sands production. In fact, UK banks have underwritten 17% of all the tar sands related deals over the last three years (for more info check out this article in the Independent).

Cutting off the Keystone XL tentacle is one way to weaken the tar sands beast, cutting off the cash flow is another. Check out this video of our allies at Friends of the Earth Scotland taking the message straight to RBS in a creative — and downright musically impressive — way. Who’s going to write the next tar sands jam?


Ottawa Tar Sands Action Underway!

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An incredible action is underway in Ottawa, where our Canadian allies are protesting the tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline. Check out the press release and photos below, or follow live here

Ottawa — Hundreds of people from across North America are gathered this morning on Parliament Hill for a rally followed by a mass civil disobedience sit-in. Participants are responding to a call to action for a large peaceful protest where many will risk arrest to tell the Harper government they don’t support his reckless agenda and urge him to turn away from the tar sands and build a green energy future that promotes climate justice, respects Indigenous rights and prioritizes the health of our environment and communities.


All Photos Courtesy of Greenpeace Canada 

“It is morally justifiable to risk arrest if you see and witness a crime occurring or about to occur. We are saying the tar sands industry is unlawful. We need to stop it before the damage is done. It’s worth getting arrested to send that warning out to the rest of Canada,” said Louisette Lante, a housewife from Waterloo.


October 7th

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Confessions of An Eco-Mom

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We received this great essay from Karen Enger, who took part in the sit-in last week. Enjoy: 
Karen EngerJanuary 1, 2011. A day for resolutions. Mine? Pretty basic I suppose in this day and age. No more plastic bags. Period. That’s it. No more leaving the reusable ones in the trunk. Nope. I’m committed. If I forget my bags, I’ll just have to carry my purchases or run back to the car. I can do this. I’m strong. I have great will-power. That was my new year resolve.

It’s September now. I’ve been totally plastic bag free for 8 months. I did it! And, I got on a roll…cleared out the kitchen of all plastics, bought all reusable water bottles (PBA free) for the family, replaced all the light bulbs with compact fluorescents, built vegetable beds and bought organic soil (planted organic vegetables and herbs), built a compost bin (no more food waste down the garbage disposal!), memorized all the local Farmer’s Market days, signed up with Farm Fresh (a door to door organic veggie company), tossed out all our hygiene and soap products with non-biodegradable ingredients (and happily found everything – yes, everything! – could be replaced with a “green” alternative), bought recycled toilet paper (Costco!), registered online with multiple environmental organizations and signed online petitions, watched numerous documentaries from Netflix about environment and climate issues (there is a vast amount of brilliant content there if you look past Hollywood), changed our family’s diet to primarily vegetarian (eating only organic free-range meats on occasion), bought reusable ceramic coffee cups at Whole Foods for my girlfriends and I to use when we chat at Peet’s (they give you .10 off to bring your own cup!), started riding my bike a lot more for errands, convinced my son to walk or scooter to school every day (even in the rain!), purchased only products not made in China (it’s tough, I cheated a few times), changed my voter registration to the Green Party, got my Green America membership card and went to the festival (with my To-Go Ware reusable utensils and stainless steel dishes), and reused, reduced, recycled.


What comes next for the Tar Sands Action

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Dear friends—

Here’s the battle plan we promised—a few hours late, because it’s been a big job wrapping up phase one of this campaign.

By now you know what you accomplished: 1,253 arrests, according to some journalists the biggest civil disobedience action since 1977, and the most sustained since the epic campaigns of the civil rights movement. That was enough to take a regional issue and make it a national and even global one (many thanks to our friends, who picketed American and Canadian embassies on every continent).

Together you managed to make this central environmental test for the administration, and to inform everyone who’s paying attention that Barack Obama will get to make the call by himself, without Congress in the way. In other words, you’ve laid the groundwork for a mighty victory—now we have to make it pay off.

Here’s the plan:


Sep 3 Media Advisory: Surge of Protest

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WASHINGTON — The final day of the tar sands pipeline protest will see an unexpected surge of Americans willing to be taken from the White House in handcuffs while trying to push their president to stand up to big oil and deny the permit for a dangerous new dirty tar sands oil pipeline.

As hundreds join a rally in Lafayette Square park, more than 200 people are expected to be arrested in the final day of the two-week sit-in that has already led to the arrest of 1,009 people. The rally will feature speeches from protest leaders and the delivery of a petition with 617,428  names urging President Obama to deny the pipeline permit.

“Given yesterday’s baffling cave on ozone standards, the need for a fighting environmental movement has never been more clear,” said Bill McKibben, who is spearheading the protest. “That movement is being born right here in front of the White House and reverberating around the country.”


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