Actually Mr. Gingrich, We are the 99%

News — the tar sands action team December 21, 2011 at 4:48 pm

Newt Gingrich went out of his way to try to smear us as extremists. Not only is he wrong about who we are – he’s also wrong about who the real extremists are. The real extremists are the people who want to dig up forests to get dirty oil to send 1700 miles across precious drinking water only so that it can be burned and put catastrophic amounts of carbon into the atmosphere to alter our planet’s climate for good. That’s extremism.

  1. Michelle Bernhard says:

    Thank you. Thank you Steve. This is a classy response.

  2. Dean Hulse says:

    Hope this video goes viral. Already, Mr. Gingrich’s campaign hopes look about as realistic as his rhetoric.

  3. Joshua Guerci says:

    Nothing gets log cabin republicans upset more than eminent domain.

  4. john says:

    It is much safer and uses less energy to ship oil 1700 miles by pipeline than to load millions of gallons on a ship and ship it for thousands of miles on the earths ocean. Newt cares more more for the planet

    • Robert J says:

      1. It would have passed over an aquifier on which millions depend for drinking water.
      2. It would have locked in expansion of tar sands oil extraction. This oil should be kept in the ground, where it won’t stink up the planet, and where it will still be there for future generations, who quite possibly will be able to use it more safely, and to satisfy more urgent needs than we can.
      3. Newt and the GOP clearly don’t give a flying hoot about the planet.

      • Heather Garvey says:

        Agreed and tar sand oil is 16 times more likely to corrode pipelines from the inside… The first keystone pipeline TransCanada expected a spill once in the first 12 years… it spilled 12 times in the first year.

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