House Votes to Expedite Keystone XL Decision

News — the tar sands action team December 13, 2011 at 11:39 pm

In response to the House vote to expedite the decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, author and founder Bill McKibben said:

“Hundreds of thousands of people around the country rallied this fall to oppose the climate-killing Keystone pipeline, and the administration heard them and ordered a new review. Now a tiny coterie of Congressmen is trying to revive the plan, and every one of them has taken big payments from the Big Oil. Everyone around America can do the math–all you have to do is follow the dirty money. (1)

“It’s inspiring to see the White House, and Sen. Majority Leader Reid, actually telling Big Oil a firm no–that’s the proper response to a tantrum. We’re all getting tired of seeing polluters hold the political process hostage.”


1. The House members who supported the bill netted an estimated $43,000,000 in dirty energy money cumulatively since 1999. Source:

  1. Kat says:

    How can anyone who is paying attention right now believe that we can move away from this critical issue? We must remain focused, or all of the hard work we have put into stopping this will be lost.

  2. Momquixote says:

    Good point, Kat. It is becoming more and more critical that we keep focused, as the tar sands producers are scrambling to find any way to get this toxic stuff to market. We can’t afford to give them any ground—tar sands reaching a port will be, as Tar Sands Action so rightly reminds us, game over for our climate.

    is a link to a Youtube that I posted of the action at Boehner’s office in West Chester Ohio.
    It went very well, even though we couldn’t get into the office. Our point was made.

  4. ConcernedGuest says:

    They’re staying in town due to gridlock, perhaps through the weekend. More chances for nonviolent action? Sneaking in H.R. 3630 Section 1002 is a petty move right before the holidays start.

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