UPDATE: Sen. Reid Says Keystone XL Legislation is Dead on Arrival

News — the tar sands action team December 9, 2011 at 2:23 pm

After Tar Sands Action supporters sent 4500 messages to their Senators in under 24 hours, Sen. Harry Reid has just announced that legislation to force approval of Keystone XL will be dead on arrival in the Senate:

Here is Reid’s comment: “If the House sends us their bill with Keystone in it, they are just wasting valuable time because it will not pass the Senate.”

After an incredible grassroots led effort to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, on November 11th President Obama rejected a flawed, corrupt and incomplete environmental impact review process led by the State Department, and sent the entire project back for a full re-review, including an assessment of the pipeline’s impact on climate change.

In response, Big Oil’s represenatives in Congress put together legislation designed to force approval of the pipeline, and attached it to must-pass legislation supported by the President. Reid’s comment shows that this tactic will fail.

The continued backlash against legislative attempts to rush approval of the pipeline shows that the movement against the tar sands and fossil fuel extraction will continue to grow and exercise power.

To send a message to your Senator encouraging them to stand strong on Keystone XL, click here: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/2133/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=6875

  1. Kathy DaSilva says:

    This is very positive news, and another reason we need to stay on focus with the tar sands issue. If we become too fragmented, and take our gaze from tar sands to address other problems right now, our power to defeat this becomes diluted. We can not consider this a victory until there is a policy in place to prevent ALL tars sands from being transported across our country. The name of the pipeline isn’t the issue, bringing this toxic mix across our rivers, reservoirs, and wetlands where we will have leaks into our water supplies is the issue.

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  3. Guest says:

    Yes, we need to stay focused on the tar sands issue, with the immediate efforts on Keystone XL. If we can defeat this one, it will be a huge step forward.

  4. Webster Nacstop says:

    A two pronged approach is called for. 1.) Remove the corporate oil & gas influence peddling in State and Federal governments, because, contrary to Supreme Court beliefs, corporations are NOT “we the people.” 2.) Strangle the tar sands relief valve at Cushing, Oklahoma. Concentrate efforts in Texas where ANY tar sands pipeline must pass in order for tar sands to reach refineries & major shipping ports. Begin by showing how any tar sands pipeline will cross a major Texas aquifer, the Carrizo-Wilcox, to reach refineries. That is an unacceptable threat to water supplies for 12 million real people.


  5. Johnshockey1 says:

    I am very concerned about how the Republicans, particularly Representative John A. Boehner is using the media as the bully pulpit to scare the public about job loss from this proposed catastrophe when the facts exist that it will be a job killer.
    The public needs to be made aware of the Cornell Study outside of this forum on the front pages of the media and Internet.
    Link to the facts:

  6. eddie says:

    Time to put our patriotism to the test. Enabling tar sands oil, refined into diesel and used by the Communist Chinese Military, who are currently growing their Naval power and increasing their might in the Pacific is UNAMERICAN. It does not make sense to provide fuel to a potential enemy. Do you really think this fuel would be used primarily as an energy source for their civilian population? The Communist Chinese Government will make sure their vast military machine and that of North Korea are, FUELED, housed, uniformed, and fed properly; first and foremost. Communist China’s military outnumber our entire U.S. population. Do you want to contribute to this Communist Military force? You would be doing so by allowing Tar Sands oil pipelines to reach our ports through Texas? If you know anyone who has been “suckered” into thinking that this pipeline is our “mana” from heaven; pray for them. Ask our creator to shed light upon them to see the truth of whom is financing the Keystone XL and where the Tar Sands Oil is headed, once refined. They still have time to see the light and help STOP the Keystone XL pipeline. Call your local, state, and federal representatives. Write return receipt requested hard copy mail. Let them know you mean business by having your comments documented and traceable.

  7. Tacowizard says:

    Just a simple question. How will your country continue your oil comsumption? We’ll keep it, that’s fine. 20 years will matter, 5 years won’t!………for us.

    • Webster Nacstop says:

      We cannot continue “our” oil consumption at the same ridiculously increasing rate of the past 30 years. The blind notion that current oil consumption needn’t be reduced, and conservation measures needn’t be enacted are counterproductive to true national security. Yes, this flies in the face of tar sands backers’ and oil industry’s goal of continuously increasing profits. As the world wakes up, though, to the finite nature, the destructive extraction, and the climate altering combustion of fossil fuels in general, and tar sands in particular, the demand for clean, renewable, and sustainable global energy sources will prevail.
      We are not mindless bacteria in a petri dish, consuming every last resource, and creating waste that builds to the point that our environment can no longer sustain us and we expire as a species. …or are we?

  8. Julius says:

    Let’s begin the work of targeting ALL anti-environment U.S. Congressmen/women and U.S. Senators. A MAJOR election looms in less than one year. How they vote this month on the tax reduction bill with the Keystone KL pipeline attachment should be tabulated and made available to all voters and potential voters (those folks who will be able to register this year). Accountability starts with the only planet we have left to occupy.

  9. Jay Howard says:

    Guess Senator Reid just made a liar out of himself…the Senate passed it. No way the President is going to veto the extension of the payroll tax over Keystone.
    The President and his Party has played you for votes, and will do it again.
    Yet, you blame Republicans?

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