Media Hits from Nov. 6th Tar Sands Action

News — the tar sands action team November 10, 2011 at 1:51 pm
Here is a full list of media mentions for the Nov. 6th Tar Sands Action at the White House:
CBS News- Thousands in D.C. protest pipeline
ABC News- Pipeline Protesters Encircle the White House house/
Fox News– Thousands Protest at White House Over Pipeline
MSNBC- State Dept. IG to review oil pipeline from Canada
CNN- Protesters encircle White House grounds, demanding halt to huge pipeline project
Washington Post– Thousands protest at White House over oil pipeline house-over-oil-pipeline/2011/11/07/gIQAnAjCvM_video.html
NY Times-Keystone XL Pipeline Decision to Be Investigated permit-process.html?_r=1
USA Today- Thousands protest at White House over pipeline protest/51097354/1
The San Francisco Chronicle- Keystone pipeline protesters surround White House
The AP- Thousands protest at White House over pipeline aKK0JICSAPQzRBcA?docId=5d033581d2dc421982d3f418436fc84a
The Atlantic- Pipeline Protesters Still Have Faith in Obama—for Now in-obama-for-now/248035/
Toronto Star- The Big Deal: Keystone pipeline protests ramp up–the-big-deal-keystone-pipeline-protests-ramp- up
The Huffington Post– Keystone XL Pipeline Protest At The White House: Colorful Scenes From The Crowd (VIDEO) house_n_1079048.html?ref=green
Miami Herald- Thousands gather outside White House to protest planned oil pipeline
The Hill- Dissecting pipeline protests from the White House to the Cornhusker State protests-from-the-white-house-to-the-cornhusker-state
L.A Times– Keystone pipeline decision could be delayed until after election 20111107,0,236919.story
Wall. St. Journal- Pipeline Protesters Form Human Chain Around White House mod=googlenews_wsj
The Guardian- Thousands protest at the White House against Keystone XL pipeline house?newsfeed=true
BBC News- Keystone XL pipeline protesters encircle White House
The AP-Raw Video: White House Protest Over Pipeline
Reuters- UPDATE 1-Protesters circle White House in oil pipeline row idUSN1E7A50DH20111107
CBC-Keystone protesters surround White House
Houston Chronicle– 10,000 pipeline protesters circle White House White-House-2255744.php
Politico- Activists at W.H. to protest pipeline
Press TV– Thousands protest US-Canada pipeline plan
Biz Journal- Protesters gather in Washington to stop Keystone pipeline washington-to.html
Vancouver Sun– U.S. agency expects vindication in pipeline probe 5676615/story.html
The Examiner- Hollywood Celebrities join Saturday’s Keystone Pipeline protesters human chain saturday-s-keystone-pipeline-protesters-human-chain
The Des Moines Register- Pipeline issue moves to political front burner political-front-burner/
Bloomberg- Opponents to TransCanada Pipeline Protest by the Thousands at White House at-white-house-protest.html
NPR- Protesters Take Pipeline Fight To White House
Huffington Post– Keystone XL: Thousands Gather Outside White House In Culmination Of Protests
National Journal– Ring Around the White House Illustrates Obama’s Political Bind on Keystone s-political-bind-on-keystone-20111104
Democracy Now– 10,000 Surround White House to Protest Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline
Fox News– Obama Administration Reviews Pipeline Proposal Amid Claims of Corruption in Vetting Process proposal-amid-claims-corruption-in/
KHAS– Nebraskans head to Washington DC to protest pipeline pipeline-133369323.html
WLOS- Top Stories – Pipeline Protest
NY Times– Thousands Protest Keystone XL Pipeline Project project/
CTV– Mark Ruffalo: Oilsands pipeline ‘huge attack’ on climate
BBC- State department faces Keystone XL review
Reuters- Inspector review may delay Canada-U.S. oil pipeline
The Washington Post- Oil pipeline protesters encircle White House whitehouse/2011/11/06/gIQAmjnRtM_story.html
The AP- State Dept. IG to review oil pipeline from Canada zxZg?docId=646eccb23c30470d971ff3b1b91d9636
KOLO- Thousands Protest at White House Over Pipeline line__133330933.html?storySection=comments
Politico- Barack Obama’s Keystone pipeline dilemma: Why not punt?
Omaha World Herald- Pipeline foes circle White House
CBS3 Springfield- Protesters: Pipeline could have ‘catastrophic’ consequences catastrophic-consequences
Toronto Sun- Keystone XL pipeline a slippery issue
Reuters Africa– UPDATE 1-Protesters circle White House in oil pipeline row
Newser– 8K Protesters Ring White House KULR– Hollywood Celebs Join Keystone Protest 133276888.html
The Daily Beast– Keystone XL to Be Investigated xl.html
KRMG– Protestors call for pipeline investigation
WSJ– Pipeline Project Comes Under Further Scrutiny
International Business Times– Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Process Investigated by Inspector General investigation-inspector-general.htm
UPI- Keystone XL becomes political fodder becomes-political-fodder/UPI-68501320676308/
Fort Worth Star Telegram– Obama faces hard choice on Canada-to-Texas pipeline canada.html
Richmond Dispatch- Protesters oppose Keystone pipeline for-nov-7-ar-1439783/
AFP– State Department expects vindication in pipeline probe 2Yjg?docId=CNG.bf593e0eca0b9cc12ef04ee7e46c8e51.c1
Business Week– Nebraska Would Back Eastern TransCanada Path, Governor Says transcanada-path-governor-says.html
Huffington Post- Got You Surrounded, Mr. President m_b_1079664.html
National Post- Ten thousand turn up for largest yet Keystone XL protest xl-protest/
CNN- Protesters encircle White House grounds, demanding halt to huge pipeline project protests/index.html?eref=rss_politics&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm _campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_allpolitics+%28RSS%3A+Politics%29
Press Herald– Mainers in D.C. to participate in pipeline protest
Fox News-Liberal Protesters Circle the White House house
Macon Telegraph– Thousands gather outside White House to protest planned oil pipeline
KRUL-State Dept. IG to review oil pipeline from Canada
USA Today-U.S. mulls new route for Keystone oil pipeline for-keystone-oil-pipeline/1
NY Times- Keystone XL’s Cousin Shuts Down Twice
The Hill- News bites: State Dept. mulling plan to reroute Keystone pipeline reroute-keystone-pipeline
Poltico-What if Keystone XL loses?
Washington Post-Canadian natural resource minister “cautiously optimistic” Keystone pipeline will be approved optimistic-keystone-pipeline-will-be-approved/2011/11/07/gIQAMg9evM_story.html
Charlotte Observer– Pipeline protest draws crowd at White House at.html
9&10 News- Pipeline protests
Washington Examiner- Conn Carroll: FOIA reveals NASA’s Hansen was a paid witness nasas-hansen-was-paid-witness
Winnipeg Free Press- U.S. environmental politics threaten our prosperity threaten-our-prosperity-133345548.html
Examiner- Occupy your Internet before the corporations do the-corporations-do
Salon– State Dept. IG To Review Oil Pipeline From Canada
660 News- Obama admin under review for “TransCanada” dealings–obama-admin-under-review-for- transcanada-dealings
Philadelphia Inquirer-In The Nation houston-and-port-arthur
Montreal Gazette– U.S. could delay Keystone decision past 2012 election /story.html
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