Media Hits from Nov. 6th Tar Sands Action

News — the tar sands action team November 10, 2011 at 1:51 pm
Here is a full list of media mentions for the Nov. 6th Tar Sands Action at the White House:
CBS News- Thousands in D.C. protest pipeline
ABC News- Pipeline Protesters Encircle the White House house/
Fox News- Thousands Protest at White House Over Pipeline
MSNBC- State Dept. IG to review oil pipeline from Canada
CNN- Protesters encircle White House grounds, demanding halt to huge pipeline project
Washington Post- Thousands protest at White House over oil pipeline house-over-oil-pipeline/2011/11/07/gIQAnAjCvM_video.html
NY Times-Keystone XL Pipeline Decision to Be Investigated permit-process.html?_r=1
USA Today- Thousands protest at White House over pipeline protest/51097354/1
The San Francisco Chronicle- Keystone pipeline protesters surround White House
The AP- Thousands protest at White House over pipeline aKK0JICSAPQzRBcA?docId=5d033581d2dc421982d3f418436fc84a
The Atlantic- Pipeline Protesters Still Have Faith in Obama—for Now in-obama-for-now/248035/
Toronto Star- The Big Deal: Keystone pipeline protests ramp up–the-big-deal-keystone-pipeline-protests-ramp- up
The Huffington Post- Keystone XL Pipeline Protest At The White House: Colorful Scenes From The Crowd (VIDEO) house_n_1079048.html?ref=green
Miami Herald- Thousands gather outside White House to protest planned oil pipeline
The Hill- Dissecting pipeline protests from the White House to the Cornhusker State protests-from-the-white-house-to-the-cornhusker-state
L.A Times- Keystone pipeline decision could be delayed until after election 20111107,0,236919.story
Wall. St. Journal- Pipeline Protesters Form Human Chain Around White House mod=googlenews_wsj
The Guardian- Thousands protest at the White House against Keystone XL pipeline house?newsfeed=true
BBC News- Keystone XL pipeline protesters encircle White House
The AP-Raw Video: White House Protest Over Pipeline
Reuters- UPDATE 1-Protesters circle White House in oil pipeline row idUSN1E7A50DH20111107
CBC-Keystone protesters surround White House
Houston Chronicle- 10,000 pipeline protesters circle White House White-House-2255744.php
Politico- Activists at W.H. to protest pipeline
Press TV- Thousands protest US-Canada pipeline plan
Biz Journal- Protesters gather in Washington to stop Keystone pipeline washington-to.html
Vancouver Sun- U.S. agency expects vindication in pipeline probe 5676615/story.html
The Examiner- Hollywood Celebrities join Saturday’s Keystone Pipeline protesters human chain saturday-s-keystone-pipeline-protesters-human-chain
The Des Moines Register- Pipeline issue moves to political front burner political-front-burner/
Bloomberg- Opponents to TransCanada Pipeline Protest by the Thousands at White House at-white-house-protest.html
NPR- Protesters Take Pipeline Fight To White House
Huffington Post- Keystone XL: Thousands Gather Outside White House In Culmination Of Protests
National Journal- Ring Around the White House Illustrates Obama’s Political Bind on Keystone s-political-bind-on-keystone-20111104
Democracy Now- 10,000 Surround White House to Protest Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline
Fox News- Obama Administration Reviews Pipeline Proposal Amid Claims of Corruption in Vetting Process proposal-amid-claims-corruption-in/
KHAS- Nebraskans head to Washington DC to protest pipeline pipeline-133369323.html
WLOS- Top Stories – Pipeline Protest
NY Times- Thousands Protest Keystone XL Pipeline Project project/
CTV- Mark Ruffalo: Oilsands pipeline ‘huge attack’ on climate
BBC- State department faces Keystone XL review
Reuters- Inspector review may delay Canada-U.S. oil pipeline
The Washington Post- Oil pipeline protesters encircle White House whitehouse/2011/11/06/gIQAmjnRtM_story.html
The AP- State Dept. IG to review oil pipeline from Canada zxZg?docId=646eccb23c30470d971ff3b1b91d9636
KOLO- Thousands Protest at White House Over Pipeline line__133330933.html?storySection=comments
Politico- Barack Obama’s Keystone pipeline dilemma: Why not punt?
Omaha World Herald- Pipeline foes circle White House
CBS3 Springfield- Protesters: Pipeline could have ‘catastrophic’ consequences catastrophic-consequences
Toronto Sun- Keystone XL pipeline a slippery issue
Reuters Africa- UPDATE 1-Protesters circle White House in oil pipeline row
Newser- 8K Protesters Ring White House KULR- Hollywood Celebs Join Keystone Protest 133276888.html
The Daily Beast- Keystone XL to Be Investigated xl.html
KRMG- Protestors call for pipeline investigation
WSJ- Pipeline Project Comes Under Further Scrutiny
International Business Times- Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Process Investigated by Inspector General investigation-inspector-general.htm
UPI- Keystone XL becomes political fodder becomes-political-fodder/UPI-68501320676308/
Fort Worth Star Telegram- Obama faces hard choice on Canada-to-Texas pipeline canada.html
Richmond Dispatch- Protesters oppose Keystone pipeline for-nov-7-ar-1439783/
AFP- State Department expects vindication in pipeline probe 2Yjg?docId=CNG.bf593e0eca0b9cc12ef04ee7e46c8e51.c1
Business Week- Nebraska Would Back Eastern TransCanada Path, Governor Says transcanada-path-governor-says.html
Huffington Post- Got You Surrounded, Mr. President m_b_1079664.html
National Post- Ten thousand turn up for largest yet Keystone XL protest xl-protest/
CNN- Protesters encircle White House grounds, demanding halt to huge pipeline project protests/index.html?eref=rss_politics&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm _campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_allpolitics+%28RSS%3A+Politics%29
Press Herald- Mainers in D.C. to participate in pipeline protest
Fox News-Liberal Protesters Circle the White House house
Macon Telegraph- Thousands gather outside White House to protest planned oil pipeline
KRUL-State Dept. IG to review oil pipeline from Canada
USA Today-U.S. mulls new route for Keystone oil pipeline for-keystone-oil-pipeline/1
NY Times- Keystone XL’s Cousin Shuts Down Twice
The Hill- News bites: State Dept. mulling plan to reroute Keystone pipeline reroute-keystone-pipeline
Poltico-What if Keystone XL loses?
Washington Post-Canadian natural resource minister “cautiously optimistic” Keystone pipeline will be approved optimistic-keystone-pipeline-will-be-approved/2011/11/07/gIQAMg9evM_story.html
Charlotte Observer- Pipeline protest draws crowd at White House at.html
9&10 News- Pipeline protests
Washington Examiner- Conn Carroll: FOIA reveals NASA’s Hansen was a paid witness nasas-hansen-was-paid-witness
Winnipeg Free Press- U.S. environmental politics threaten our prosperity threaten-our-prosperity-133345548.html
Examiner- Occupy your Internet before the corporations do the-corporations-do
Salon- State Dept. IG To Review Oil Pipeline From Canada
660 News- Obama admin under review for “TransCanada” dealings–obama-admin-under-review-for- transcanada-dealings
Philadelphia Inquirer-In The Nation houston-and-port-arthur
Montreal Gazette- U.S. could delay Keystone decision past 2012 election /story.html
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