The Big Day: Let's Go #Surround the White House

Uncategorized — the tar sands action team November 6, 2011 at 9:07 am

It’s time.

Thousands of people are waking up across the District of Columbia this morning and a preparing to head down to the White House to join hands with one another and stand up to the Keystone XL pipeline. It’s going to be an incredible event and a great step forward for this growing movement.

Last night, around 500 people packed into a church up in Columbia Heights for an evening of speeches, music, and (most importantly) planning for the weeks and months ahead. One thing is already clear from our time in DC: this pipeline has lit a spark amongst everyday folks across the country. Farmers in Texas are planning direct actions in case the pipeline is built, students in North Carolina and Ohio are preparing to make sure that their important electoral states swing “no” against Keystone XL, and more.¬†As the evening continued, more and more buses of people showed up. And more are still coming in this morning.

It’s going to be very good day for the 99% of us who aren’t an executive at TransCanada.

  1. Harriet Jerusha Korim says:

    this could be a true “day-light saving” moment, allowing the light of reason to illuminate our addiction to suicidal fuels (and our desire for Change) as brilliantly as a nice weather-tight skylight in the Oval Office

  2. Harriet Jerusha Korim says:

    Wish I could be there to be physically part of the beautiful Earthy circle you make. I’m rooting for all of you, still wearing my arrest bracelet, and doing my bit at home.

  3. The other 98% of us who aren’t in Washington DC to surround the White House, are grateful to those that are. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  4. Not says:

    PDX stands in solidarity- with our own march at Terry Schrunk Plaza at 2:00 PM PST

  5. Brooke says:

    As a Canadian citizen I am with you and thank you for standing up against the pipeline! United on both sides of the border to stop the spread of this terribly damaging practice. Thank You!

  6. gailpethe says:

    A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone in DC!!! On my way to a gathering in Seattle…

  7. gailpethe says:

    A gigantic THANK YOU to everyone in DC!!! On my way to a gathering in Seattle…

  8. Linn Madsen says:

    Thank you!

  9. Scott says:

    I wonder how they all got there..

    • Kelene says:

      I drove from Frankfort to Kalamazoo, hopped on Amtrak to Rockville then took the subway. I hate to fly!! I was hoping to connect with others but could not find anyone who could take time off from work or school. I guess I need to start networking.

  10. DiamondDeb says:

    For myself and my 10 Grandchildren, thank you. We were unable to get a bus From Charlotte. I would have been on it! I stand with you and Occupy Everywhere! A great website to explain why we are doing such stupid things to our planet instead of democratizing our energy grid as they are in Europe:

  11. Sebastian Nicholls says:

    The White House put out a new tool on the site called “we the people” where people can create and sign petitions. It would be pretty neat if we could all sign the petition already there to stop the pipeline (!/petition/reject-keystone-xl-pipeline/TX9r0zfh ). If each of the fans on facebook got 4 more people to sign it, we’d have over 100,000 signatures, and that would send a pretty strong message to Obama. Please post the link on Facebook, I can’t since I don’t have one.

  12. Linda says:

    Thank you for being there when so many of us can’t be!

  13. Todd Gentry says:

    Right on!!!!!!!!

  14. Buckley MacInerney says:

    Failure to stop the burning of tar sands oil is suicidal.

  15. Lori Fischer, Nebraska says:

    I wish I was there with you all. I am cheering you on!!!! You are making history that will benefit the world. Even the grandchildren and generations to come of those to greedy, self centered people walking around with blinders on who can’t see what coming.

  16. BARB says:

    We are the World! It is high time that we protect Mother EArth and reverse our disastrous movement towards Climate Catastrophe. Our children’s future is at at stake. I am with you all in spirit ans near presence.

  17. Rand Wrobel says:

    San Francisco Bay Area and friends marched from Occupy Oakland to the OFA Headquarters with over 100 participating in Solidarity with the DC action. Thanks to all joining in from the entire country

  18. Leslieleff says:

    It felt so empowering to encircle the White House with 12,000 others…Now, Obama, we need you to step up and be the change you claimed you wished to see in the world!

  19. Kelene says:

    I guess I was just answering a question about travel with my last post. What I really should have done was thank all the organizers of yesterdays event. They helped so many of us who are so very concerned about tars sands and the pipeline have a direct line to President Obama. THANK YOU! I felt like I was a part of something really BIG

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