Ready? Key things to know about Nov. 6th Tar Sands Action

News — the tar sands action team November 1, 2011 at 4:16 pm

This Sunday November 6th, thousands of people will be gathering in Washington DC to do something remarkable: We will join hands to surround the White House to ask President Obama to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We’re doing this so that he knows he has the support needed to reject the pipeline – and that there will be real consequences if he doesn’t.

Here are the key details about the action:

We will meet at the center fountain of Lafayette Square Park. The rally begins at 2 PM, with a little bit of live music starting at 1:30.

The rally will be MC’d by Bill McKibben, featuring speakers from across the movement to stop the pipeline. After the rally, we’ll receive direction on how to get in to position around the White House. We have a team of over 100 monitors and marshals ready to make sure everything goes smoothly.

After we surround the White House, we’ll head back to the park, and hopefully wrap up just as the sun sets at 5:30.

Key things you need to know:

To make everything run smoothly, we’re setting up a text message system that we will use to communicate with everyone in the action. To join the list, text “NOKXL” to 68398. (We won’t send you more than a handful of messages, and your normal text messages rates will apply… but trust me, it’s worth it.)

Clocks fall back Nov. 6th, losing one hour to return to standard time. Please reset your clocks so that you make it to the action on time.

There are no unattended items or structures of any kind allowed in the park. Please bring only what you can carry. The Parks Police and Secret Service have warned us that unattended items are grounds for the park to be evacuated and the item blown up by a bomb team.

This also means no tripods for cameras, or chairs are allowed. If you need to sit, please get there early and find space on a bench. Wheelchairs are the only exception to this rule.

Portable bathrooms for the event will be located on Vermont Avenue, at the Northeast corner of the park.

There is track work on several parts of the DC Metro this weekend. Buses replace the Red Line from Ft. Totten to Glenmont, which means that if you’re using any of these stops, you should add an extra hour to your travel time. Also, the Blue and Yellow line trains are single tracking between Braddock Rd & National Airport due to scheduled track maintenance, which means you should expect delays in both directions. More information is here:

Buses are only allowed to drop off people along H St. in the Metro bus drop off areas, but cannot idle or park in this area.

  1. LisaVA says:

    If clocks fall back we get an extra hour and anyone who did not set their clocks would be early.

  2. Jeanetteteastman says:

    Are walkers also exceptions, like wheelchairs? I need mine to walk & sit on.

  3. Robertwbrinkman says:

    Is there a parking lot for buses and vans to wait somewhere during the action?

    • admin says:

      Hey – There isn’t. Talk with your bus company about locating a parking spot in the city.

    • Bob says:

      It is very nice for granola muching celeberties to say No to the pipeline–it is also reality that they have enough money and freedoms that they do not have to worry where they get their oil to power their Escalades. USA needs this oil and it will also provide many jobs and spin-off benefits. If everyone rode a bike then No to the pipeline but that is NOT the case. Grow up and find better means to make the pipeline safer.

      Montgomery is awesome!

      Montgomery triangle is awesome!

      • Kunti Wicce says:

        Bob, Tar Sands oil is already being refined in the central states, and being sold to the US. This NEW pipeline is about getting that Canadian oil all the way to the Texas refineries in a special ‘international zone” and being sold to the highest bidder across the world. Also, please note Washington Post article debunking the number of jobs. Another issue of jobs at what human cost? The guys who set the standards for pipeline safety say no pipelines built today can contain the stuff. There are already plenty of breaches in existing tar sand pipelines. People in the vicinity of those breaches get very very sick. Check out John Bolenbaugh’s youtube videos. He worked for a competing Canadian company that ships tar sand oil to central US refineries. He has documented the impacts.

  4. Will two-way communication trained organizers be carrying many walkie-talkies to coordinate actions? For example, during the March on Blair Mountain, they were an absolute necessity, but in too short supply.

  5. Taylor says:

    Is there a chance we’ll get arrested?

  6. Kay Fields says:

    If you need a free place to stay for this event, consider my house in Bethesda for Sat or Sunday night.

  7. BruceMac says:

    Anyone planning to come by Metro needs to be aware that there is LOTS of track maintenance going on this weekend. So you may need that extra hour LisaVA. 😉

    The red line will have no service to these stations: Glenmont, Wheaton, Forest Glen, Silver Spring, Takoma and Fort Totten. The rest of the line will supposedly be running normally. The nearest station to the Action is Farragut North which is a 7 minute walk.

    The blue/orange lines will be running on a single track between McPherson Square and Foggy Bottom stations and metro suggests it will add 20 minutes to your trip on those lines. The nearest station is McPherson Square, a 6 minute walk.

    The yellow and green lines are supposed to be unaffected. The nearest station is Gallery Place which is a 20 minute walk.

  8. DoodahMike says:

    Where is this in relation to the OccupyDC encampment? I would like to come early and show my support – can we walk from there to Lafayette Square Park? Is anyone else planning to do the same?

  9. Johnmaz60 says:

    Approximately how many people do you expect? Thanks!

  10. Johnmaz60 says:

    Approximately how many people do you expect? Thanks!

  11. Nan1479 says:

    can’t log in, need to tell you my phone does not accept texting.
    Leaving tomorrow 10AM from Tufts campus, Boston

  12. bt says:

    Is there a specific color to wear?

  13. Nan1479 says:

    forget my last post, I activated texting, moving into this century…

  14. Pat Delaquil says:

    Can someone please explain how to text “NOKXL” to 68398 ?

  15. Pjmd says:

    Are backpack allowed?

  16. Stephcello says:

    Hi, Flying in from Boston.

  17. Sarah says:

    Are backpacks allowed?

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