Building bridges with #noKXL and #OccupyTogether

News — the tar sands action team October 14, 2011 at 3:40 pm

Today more links emerged between the ongoing occupations across the country and the fight to stop Keystone XL.

First, it was revealed by DeSmog Blog that the company that is currently trying to evict #OccupyWallSt – the key group in the #occupytogether movement – is deeply entwined with tar sands interests in Canada. Many of the company’s board members are on the board – or directors of – tar sands oil companies in Canada. Check the full post here:

Also, two occupations, in Houston and Atlanta, are making Keystone XL the target of protests this weekend. Today #occupyAtlanta is headed to CNN world HQ for a protest with Tar Sands Action supporters:–occupy-atlanta-to-protest-canadian-oil-pipeline

And in Houston, the 10/15 international day of action will be directed at local oil companies, including those with a direct interest in building Keystone XL:

Thanks to all who are working hard to keep building the movement for a sustainable and just future – let’s keep going!

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