Tar Sands Action Welcomes President Obama to Seattle

News — the tar sands action team September 26, 2011 at 10:25 am

Tar Sands Action organizers in Seattle hosted a noisy, spirited event to greet President Obama on his brief visit.

He wasn’t there long, but we know he heard us: many of the attendees to his event were wearing Tar Sands Action stickers prominently on their clothing, and across the street was a big rally that was mentioned in the White House Press Pool report, and in all of the local coverage of the event. Here are some of the news reports mentioning the Tar Sands Action:

  1. Abbymkr says:

    The news coverage of this event was very disappointing. Almost no mention of Tar Sands, almost mentioned as an afterthought.

    • crloftin says:

      Can’t rely on #MSM to do their job anymore! It’s up to #US… you & me! Take pics & videos and share them! President @BarackObama can decide to stop #TarSands on his own

  2. Carlovoli says:

    Check out this tv news report in Seattle with Tar Sands Action clear message at the very beginning: http://youtu.be/tKn5ix8S36Y

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