The fight over Keystone XL in one simple chart

News — the tar sands action team September 20, 2011 at 1:10 pm

Our friend Heather Libby just put together this great chart that just about sums up the fight over Keystone XL perfectly – click to see the whole thing (it’s long):

  1. Gaia Serenity says:

    I notice my senators from Oregon are not on this list. They’re usually good about this sort of thing. This goes to the top of my list for today.

  2. Jrusby says:

    This is awesome!!!

  3. Kathrin Schmidt says:

    Standing UNITED is the goal. Awesome how much people consider it that important!

  4. Koa says:

    that’s fantastic. I love it and it’s very persuasive. Um…could you fix the semi-colons in the paragraph? They should both be commas.

    • Euphemia says:

      I’m very certain that the care taken with punctuation (above) is identical to the care taken to understand the issues behind the extraction and transport of petroleum. Imagine a world without oil.

  5. Barbara Mckay says:

    Weird that Sen. Sanders isn’t on the list when the other two Vermont representatives are. I’m sure he’d sign on to this movement. The anti-Tar Sands organization should contact him.

  6. We have the momentum, we just have to keep getting the word out and explain why we are against this.

  7. Beez says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that 1/3 of the pipline is already in place? It goes from ND down to IL. It has leaked at pump houses 12 times since it was completed in May 2010, most of them pretty small but around 500 barrels leaked from a pump house in Cogswell, ND. This information was published in small town newspapers, but did seem to make the big press. Why isn’t any of this mentioned and were the hell was this group a couple of years ago?!!

  8. Terry says:

    I want to hear more about what Beez brings up. I’ll do a little research. Meanwhile, love the poster. Where can I buy one to copy and put up around town?

  9. Snarkmeister says:

    Re: The Cogswell North Dakota “unplanned release of oil” (as described by TransCanada Keystone) mentioned here in other comments. Pipeline officials told the county the company does fly over surveys of the system every two weeks. So, “no worries.” The local news reported that the 60 foot geyser happened at “a pump house” and not on the pipeline. Trans Canada said a valve fitting failed. So, more “no worries.” Further, Sandy Hanson, the local Sargent County Emergency Manager said: “We are in a flooding stage for Sargent County and that there was no running water and pooling so that meant very little water was affected as well.” So, even more “no worries.”

  10. Cheryl says:

    Could someone please let Treehugger know that the article linked here via twitter has the wrong day of the week for the Ottawa action. Treehugger posts the 26th as a Sunday; it is a Monday. People are asked to come on Sunday the 25th for training. The action is on Monday the 26th.

    Also the recent twitter link posted at tarsandsaction from the IEN on the Ottawa event is not working.


  11. Anneliese Johns says:

    The citizens voices are not respected. We fund their riot gear. It is time to get louder.

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