Update from Legal Support Team

News — 350.org Team August 25, 2011 at 10:01 am

This update on the legal process facing Tar Sands Action arrestees comes from our legal support team, which has been tracking all participants in the action as they work their way through the legal system.

On Saturday August 20th 66 people were arrested for Failure to Obey, a traffic charge which is below a misdemeanor.  Despite Park Police assurances, Day One arrestees were held until Monday and refused a post and forfeit option that should have been available to them.

On Day Two, the Park Police arrested 42 people.  Realizing that they had failed to undermine the resolve of participants, the Park Police offered Day Two arrestees post and forfeit (see Legal Memo FAQ) and processed and released them within hours of their arrest.

Since Sunday, Aug. 21, Park Police have been processing arrestees without incident; processing has gone relatively quickly, all persons have been allowed to post and forfeit. After spending two nights in jail, Day One arrestees were ‘no papered’ which means that they didn’t pay a fine and no charges were brought against them.

For any questions, please email legal@tarsandsaction.org

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