Gus Speth's Statement from Jail

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Gus Speth Walks To Gates of White House With 70 Others

Gus Speth passed along this statement from jail through the his wife:

“We the prisoners being held in the Central Cell Block of the D.C. Jail need company and encourage the continuation of the protests against the tar sands pipeline. Help us stop this disastrous proposal! I’ve held numerous positions and public office in Washington but my current position feels like one of the most important.”

–Gus Speth

  1. Klsavoie says:

    Thank you Gus Speth, and all the protestors who have been involved so far. I will be joining you on Wednesday!

  2. Gerrit Crouse says:

    Dear Mr. Speth, your last book, published when you were Dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies at Yale University (/The Bridge at the End of the World: Capitalism, the Environment, & Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability/ [New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 2008]) was an eye-opener. Your interview in /Orion Magazine/ in the Sept-Oct. issue of the same year was “Change Everything Now: One of the nation’s most mainstream environmentalists says it’s time to get a lot more radical.” There your interviewer Jeff Goodell wrote, “He uses his bully pulpit in academia to push for a 1960s-style take-it-to-the-streets revolution. His new book. . .is nothing less than a call for an uprising that would reinvent modern capitalism & replace it with, well, a postmodern capitalism that values sustainability over growth, & doing good over making a quick buck. . .indict(ing) consumer capitalism itself for the rape & pillage of the natural world. His proximate concern is global warming & the impact it will have on life as we know it. But. . .he is after bigger game: the Wal-Martization of America, our slavish devotion to an ever-expanding gross domestic product, the utter failure of what Speth disparagingly calls ‘modern capitalism’ to create a sustainable world. What is needed. . .is not simply a tax on greenhouse emissions, but a ‘new operating system’ for the modern world.”

    “All we have to do to leave a ruined world to children is just keep doing what we’re doing today: . ..emissions of pollutants. . .destruction of ecosystems, same toxification of the environment, & we’ll ruin the planet in the latter part of this century. And yet, we know we’re not just going to keep doing what we’re doing. We’re going to grow phenomenally. At the current rates, the world economy will be twice as big as it is today in 17 years. . .This should be a time when can take this fabulous amount of wealth that we’ve generated & enjoy it, & yet we seem to be caught in a system where it’s either up, up, & away or down, down, & out. We careen from crisis to crisis to crisis: personal crises, national crises, economic crises. . .The thing that I hope for is a huge mass movement in the country before it’s too late. . .The nearest thing we’ve seen to this in living memory was the civil rights movement. . .There is a growing sense that something is out of whack in the country, & that we’re on the verge of losing something very important. . .spiritually & environmentally. . .I will call for people to march in the streets. . .It’s time for a million-person march on Washington early in the new administration. . .The climate issue has to be front & center. It’s amazing what can be accomplished if citizens are to march in the footsteps of Dr. KIng. It’s time to give the world a sense of hope again.”

    Just so people know who you are.

  3. Sam Hitt says:

    Nice work Gus. Your call to action rings throughout the planet. I’ll be joining valorous few (soon to be many) on Saturday.

  4. Jon says:

    I will join you on Sat. Gus….

  5. Elsie says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your contribution to this effort. I am feeling most honored to be joining the 2013 MELP class at Vermont Law School this fall… and to be joining this fight on August 30th to follow in your footsteps. I feel like I have found my people in and in Vermont Law School.

  6. Lyla says:

    Crackpot time. Gus & Bill

  7. Michael K. says:

    I fully support the actions of Mr. Speth and the other brave men and women standing on the White House steps as a call to action. Thank you Gerrit for the background and insight. Climate change is real, and I am uplifed to see you all speaking truth to power. You all inform, inspire, and incite the cultural and technological shift necessary to avoid environmental ruin.
    To the Trolls commenting, I say, continue. You’re either the paid PR lackies of the oil industry or a naysayer common to the anonymous brand… so incredulous that your only aim is to fight someone else’s purpose. Your ignorance and misinformation are a mirage in a rapidly expanding desert. Please continue, and note, you bolster our drive and commitment to continue in these and silimiar efforts.

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