Rally to stop the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline – Noon, Sept. 3rd, Lafayette Park

News — the tar sands action team August 17, 2011 at 2:30 pm

A rally has been called for September 3rd, the final day of the Tar Sands Action:

When: September 3rd, at NOON

Where: Lafayette Park, in front of the White House

Why: President Barack Obama will decide this Fall whether to light a fuse to the largest carbon bomb in North America. That bomb is the massive tar sands field in Canada’s Alberta province. And the fuse is the 1,700-mile long Keystone XL Pipeline that would transport this dirtiest of petroleum fuels all the way to Texas refineries.

America doesn’t want another oil spill! Obama needs to see us turn out in full force in order to veto the pipeline, so now’s the time to circle up and gather our allies!

Who: Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, leaders of the North American climate movement, youth, indigenous leaders, farmers, landowners, and anyone else impacted by the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.


  1. Kay Moseley says:

    In McKibben’s great editorial against the oil sands pipeline (Post, Aug. 16th), he talks of those that have “signed up to be arrested” at this “display of civil disobedience.”

    This call for a rally says nothing of disobedience and arrests… so what’s the real story?

    Couldn’t the organizers get permission to gather and demonstrate?

    Hope you will be posting answers to these obvious questions.

    Mammy College

    • Zoid Alles says:

      Aloha Kay,

      I believe the rally is on Sep. 3rd – which has no Civil Disobedience component to it. The action from the 20th of August up until the 3rd of September is the Civil Disobedience component. I plan on attending the rally. Hope this helps.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey! TerrificTarsandTeam!

    Here is an idea for a chant.


    A FB friend suggested the chant when she saw the signs I made.

    Serendipity ;-D

  3. Will Watson says:

    Is anybody else troubled by the fact that President Obama will not be in residence in the White House during the CD?

  4. Rowan says:

    Are there any actions in Chicago around his home? I’m in Chicago and can’t make it to DC.

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