Mark Ruffalo Supports the Tar Sands Action

Endorsements — the tar sands action team August 10, 2011 at 11:38 pm

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who has been an outspoken activist on fracking in his home state of New York and across the country, is lending his support to the Tar Sands Action in Washington, DC this August. To join the action, click here to sign up.

Nearly 2,000 people are already registered to take part in an ongoing sit-in at the White House this August 20 – Sep 3 to pressure President Obama to stand up to Big Oil and deny a permit for the Keystone XL, a 1,700 mile pipeline from the tar sands in Canada to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.

“I’ve seen the kind of damage that out-of-control energy development can do to water and to communities near my own home, where fracking for natural gas is causing widespread pollution,” Mark says in the video. “All these problems are connected—we need to get off fossil fuel.”

As Mark concludes, the Tar Sands Action is a chance for all of us to “put our values into action.” Hope to see you all in DC this August!

  1. Jdavisstein says:

    This is the single most important environmental action we will ever take! This pipeline has absolutely nothing to recommend it to Americans beyond some short-term jobs. It has the potential to destroy entire species of birds plus vital and beautiful ecosystems across our entire country, from Canada to Texas, plus it puts at risk the water supply for millions of Americans. “Tar Sands” oil is filthy and polluting, much worse than crude oil. This project is the stupidest idea imaginable and is being sold to us by TransCanada (like BP but worse) and the Koch Bros among others. Our State Department is crazy to consider it, but a lot of money is being thrown around to pressure them. They need to hear from us. The pipeline is the same one that broke in the Yellowstone River in Montana.

  2. Twitter giving me problems, so trying THIS. NO TAR SANDS in our Sandhills!
    ~~All Great and Loving Nebraskans~~

  3. Marie says:

    Mark, I’m so happy to see this great video and that you’re on board with this monumental environmental challenge. We at Green Planet Video Productions, LLC have been producing campaign videos against expansion of the Tar Sands, the proposed Enbridge Pipeline from Tar Sands through British Columbia and subsequent tanker traffic and the Keystone XL Pipeline for the past three years and were thrilled to see that GPVP footage was used in your presentation. You are so right…”Fossil fuels are over!” See you and I hope many others in DC.

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