Join us for a LIVE Twitter Chat — Thursday,August 11th @ 8pm – 9pm EST / 5pm – 6pm PST

News — the tar sands action team August 9, 2011 at 8:00 am

Join us for a special one-hour chat on the Twitter network about the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the latest updates as we approach the start of two weeks of civil disobedience in Washington DC, and how we will prevail in the fight for a livable future.

Special Guests (more coming soon..)

@BillMckibben (Bill McKibben, Tar Sands Action co-organizer)

@Agent350 (Jamie Henn,

@Ash_Anderson (Ashley Anderson,

@drgrist (David Roberts,

@janekleeb (Jane Kleeb,

@NaomiAKlein, (Naomi Klein,

@sarahvangelder (Sarah Van Gelder,

The chat will be moderated by @TarSandsAction.

So, how will this work, and how can I participate?

First things first, if you haven’t yet signed up on Twitter — now would be a perfect moment to grab your account.

The way “Twitter chats” work is that people connect by using and following a specific “hashtag.” We’ll be using the “#noKXL” hashtag. A hashtag is simply a special keyword (often preceded by a # symbol) that you add to your tweet, which lets people know you’re responding to a particular conversation or issue and connects you with others around topics of common interest.

So, for example, a sample tweet to join this chat could be: “Hi, my name’s Paul, I’m tweeting from Utah, and can’t wait to connect with everyone who wants to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. #noKXL” (note the hashtag inserted at the end)

To see and respond to the chat’s latest tweets, visit this link,!/search/realtime/%23noKXL

The basic format will be a round of introductions, followed by a series of questions posed by the community for the special guests, which they and all are welcome to discuss. So, please, prepare a few interesting questions!

Talk soon!

  1. Peter Ladage says:

    everybody listen! if you got something to say, or a burning question to ask, now is the time!

  2. Nobody says:

    Maybe you want to join 15O (October 15) Global Gevolution… You know… Spain, Greece, England…

  3. Ann says:

    Energy conservation!! I believe it is essential that conservation measures like insulation, fuel efficiency, smart grids…. become part of this conversation. How to use energy wisely will create the arena where innovation, entrepreneurial energy, job creation… all those very positive things… will be generated. I will be in DC because this action is the available vehicle for environmental activism, but I can’t jump onboard a simple ‘stop the pipeline’ message. For all this human energy there has to be a positive vision.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree with you, but, unfortunately, Washington is listening to Big Oil and Coal not us. The immediate problem is to stop the damn pipeline! As Bill and other envrionmentalists have written, it’s a carbon bomb that will push the planet over the tipping point. If that happens, say goodbye to life as we know it.

      • Yo, Barbara JUST discovering how the WORLD is uniting on this.
        YES to worldwide events, 14th & 24th Sept! But Ann is right on
        the immediate need to protect drinking water for 2 million+ and
        crops water for 40% of USA breadbasket. TranSCAMada is pushing
        with their billions to shove Alberta’s sewerline through the entire
        Midwest! STOP THEM NOW ! & ! ~~Alex~~

  4. Anonymous says:

    Duncan, did you mean 8-9 EDT … subtly different from 8-9 EST

  5. Jillsobules says:

    Your organization should set up an IRC channel for everyone who is going to communicate together at any time of day, live. it is free. ask one of your more technically advanced members to set it up. if you advert for it, believe me, it will be VERY useful and make things real for everyone. not to mention getting more people. If you cant use IRC use SOMETHING… this is key these days.

  6. Alexandra in Lincoln, NE here. Join us!? #noKXL is the best!

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