Sen. Sanders Offers His Support for Keystone XL Protest

News — the tar sands action team August 8, 2011 at 8:09 am

Washington, DC — This morning, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) added his voice to the growing opposition to the Keystone XL, a 1,700 mile pipeline that would carry tar sands oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.

In a video message released by, Sen. Sanders said, “Building this pipeline will keep America addicted to oil, and while it might be a good idea for Koch Industries, which supplies and refines large volumes of Canadian tar sands oil, it is a bad deal for our country,” said Sen. Sanders. has registered over 1,000 people to take part in a two-week sit-in at the White House this August 20 – September 3 to pressure the Obama Administration to deny the “presidential permit” necessary for construction on the pipeline to begin.

“It’s either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for the climate-killing Keystone XL oil pipeline—and Obama gets to make the call,” said author Bill McKibben, one of the leaders of the protest. “We’ll be out in large numbers at the White House this August to show the President he has the support necessary to stand up to Big Oil and stop the pipeline.”

In his video message, Sen. Sanders emphasized that many alternative ways to increase energy security without building the Keystone XL pipeline:

“I have to ask a question: why in the world would we ever consider approving a new big oil pipeline to carry dirty fuel and keep America addicted to oil, when we can save money, create jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by moving towards stronger fuel economy standards?”

Sen. Sanders called on President Obama to deny a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and support a clean energy economy instead.

“I hope his administration rejects the Big Oil tar sands pipeline and instead continues to push for strong fuel economy standards and clean energy alternatives.”

He concluded by thanking the people joining the sit-in this August at the White House for their actions.

“Let me conclude by thanking all of you for the extraordinarily important work that you all are doing for bringing attention and focus to all these issues and your commitment to a sustainable energy future for our country. Thank you very much.”

  1. Judith D. Schwartz says:

    I am so proud Sanders is my senator.

  2. Good. Now all you got to do is promote clean energy and Birth Reduction of people!

    • sempergeo says:

      I so agree with you about reducing the birth rate… but what will we do for soldiers to fight our dirty imperialist actions around the world? Somebody has to go and murder those people for the protection corporate interests…

  3. Don Clark says:

    God bless you Senator for standing up for the Truth, amidst all those who will not admit it because of their greed and selfishness. There are many other ways to build and harness energy and fuels. And there is a potential for those who have the resources and the want, to make untold amounts of money off clean ways as they did crude and other harmful things. It will take sacrifice from them and all of us in the beginning for sure, but it will be worth it, for us and our descendants. Thank you Sir.

  4. Sally G says:

    Thank you, Senator Sanders! You rock!

  5. sempergeo says:

    Senator, I sincerely hope that you consider running for president – your messages need to be heard. You consistently speak what I believe to be the truth and are a champion of the real patriots – the ones who want a sustainable and peaceful planet for all things.

  6. Coolschool08 says:

    Excellent video. Senator Sanders provided intelligent and concise information concerning the opposition to the Keyston XL pipeline. His honest and direct presentation demonstrates his courage to be a formidable opponent to money drenched oil industry. I appreciate his candid and obviously heartfelt statements concerned with protecting American citizens and the environment we all share.

  7. R. Shamel says:

    We need more senators like Sanders, speaking the truth about fossil fuels!

  8. pipelinegypsy798 says:

    I just have one question. How are all of these people getting to Washington? I’m sure they arent taking cars and using an oil byproduct because that would just be crazy!!!

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